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We are experienced in conducting research and able to provide all-round research services from research proposal, questionnaire design, data collection and data analysis to report writing and presentation of research results.

Alongside general research services, with professors of our School being consultants, we are also able to provide consultancy research services which are more thorough. The following is a brief introduction to these two types of research services offered by our Centre.

General research
We carry out quantitative and qualitative studies by using different data collection methods such as telephone survey, online survey, focus groups interview, in-depth interview and content analysis, etc.(For more details in data collection methods, please see the lower part of this page.) We design research proposals according to various needs of our clients. By implementing our research proposals, clients will be able to comprehend situations like trends of public opinion, degree of satisfaction/needs of readers/customers/employees/citizens and positioning of organisations.  

Consultancy research
Professors from the School of Journalism and Communication are experts in different aspects of Social Sciences including advertising, public relations, corporate communication, health communication, political communication, public opinion, telecommunications market and policy, news media, new media, media influence, media education, gender studies, cultural studies, entertainment industry and pop culture. Professors as consultants will give advices to our studies. In addition, according to research results, they will make expert analyses and suggestions for our clients.


Data Collection Methods

Telephone Surveys
CCPOS has a 40-station computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) system. The CATI system is exclusively for our centre. Our interviewers are all well trained in conducting telephone surveys. Fieldwork supervisors will employ real time monitoring to ensure the quality of data collection.

Online Surveys
Conducting survey through the Internet is now popular. CCPOS has a sophisticated online survey platform to fulfill the needs of this kind.

Other Surveys
CCPOS is also experienced in conducting questionnaire surveys via a variety of methods, such as mail surveys, face-to-face surveys, etc.

Focus Group & In-depth Interviews
Focus group and in-depth interviews are qualitative methods collecting in-depth information. As a complement to quantitative methods, these methods can reveal a comprehensive picture of complicated phenomena. We are able to conduct professional focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Content Analysis
Content analysis is a common research method for investigating media content. Both manifest content (such as newspaper headlines) and latent content (such as the meanings contained in text) are the usual units of analysis. Content analysis can reflect images of organizations and social behaviors on the media. Our members are experienced in conducting content analysis.

Code of Ethics

Established by the Advisory Committee of the Centre for Communication and Public Opinion Survey, the CCPOS Code of Ethics underscores the following:

  1. We ensure that the data and analyses are of the highest quality.
  2. We have a responsibility to our University and our profession to undertake only those projects that we can do well.
  3. All study procedures are reviewed to ensure that individual respondents are protected at each stage of the research.
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