In China, fleeting “cyber protests” leave behind fragile memories

In China, fleeting “cyber protests” leave behind fragile memories


//… For others, creating even a fragile, temporary memory is in itself meaningful. The outpouring of online grief in the wake of Li Wenliang and other whistleblowers’ testimony allowed people to express their anger, even if it was eventually erased, said Fang Kecheng, a communications professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “Changing other people’s minds is very difficult,” Fang told Rest of World. “Yes, many people were doing it for themselves, but when they did it together, it was a collective action, expressing shared emotions.”

… In an authoritarian country like China, said Fang, simply expressing frustration and anger can have the impact of bringing people together. “When we talk about ‘impact’, we should include more subtle things other than changing policy or regime,” said Fang. “If some can remember… then it already has huge impact, because it clearly shows an alternative narrative to the official propaganda.” //


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