Study Tour to South Korea

Study Tour to South Korea


A five-day study tour to South Korea, in collaboration with Hallym University, was led by Prof. Sojung Kim and Prof. C.K. Yeung. Twelve postgraduate students selected from School of Journalism and Communication experienced culture and happiness during the trip from April 27 to May 1, 2015.

In Seoul, students visited CJ E&M – the biggest media conglomerate in Korea, Cheil Communications – top advertising agency in Korea and the Communication Department of the Seoul Government. They also had the chance to talk with local elites in media and share ideas with Korean students in Hallym University. They experienced Korean culture deeply by visiting museums and various scenic spots.

One student said: “Culture would be real and vivid only when you enter the city. Once you get to see Seoul, you can't take your eyes off it.”


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