‘90 Hz’ Exhibition

‘90 Hz’ Exhibition


The voice of the post –‘90s tend to be disregarded. They are often labeled as ‘immature’ and ‘rebellious’. Yet, behind all of these harsh criticisms, people seldom listen attentively to their opinions, feelings and thought.

19 undergraduate students from the School of Journalism and Communication Creative Media Lab (CM Lab) are the post-‘90s. They name the project as ‘90Hz’, to speak out for their generation.

Members of the public are welcome to visit the exhibition. Guided tours for the exhibition are free with admission.

The exhibition is divided into 4 parts:

‘Noise’, ‘Music’, ‘Sound Effect’ and ‘Spoken Text’.

‘Noise’ – Noise is often negatively interpreted as ‘unwanted’ and ‘distracting’. On our ‘Train of Noise’, you can travel to different places in Hong Kong while experiencing a mismatch of sounds and visuals. After riding on the train, you will understand more about our generation in this city with eyes and ears wide open.

‘Music’ – The Main Melody is represented by the prosperity and patriotism in our National Anthem ‘March of the Volunteers’, as well as the popular song ‘Under the Lion Rock’, which portrays the hardworking spirit of Hong Kongers. For instance, the Happy Birthday song no longer only signifies one meaning but a rebellion during the umbrella revolution. Our voices are louder, stronger, projecting our thoughts into the adult world creating our own song, the Anti-Melody.

‘Sound Effect’ – Train can hear. At the platform of Lo Wu, a transit station located at the border of two systems, two trains are waiting. Travel to the north or south? Have you decided?

‘Spoken Text’ – The monologues of 100 youngsters, the post-‘90, weave the story of fear and hope of the new generation, a courageous dream for a better future and an ideal and free Hong Kong as home. Our voices may be tender, but we never lose hope.

You are invited to visit this exhibition, the details of which are as follows:

Organization: School of Journalism and Communication, Creative Media Lab, CUHK
Enquires: Anita Kwok (852-3943 7706) / Wong Chi Lam (852-6210 1085)
Date: 22 April to 21 September 2015
Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Venue: ‘Creative Space’, 2nd Floor of Ch’ien Mu Library Building, New Asia College, CUHK
Facebook: 90Hz / Creative Media Lab




‘90 Hz’ - ‘We re-create the sound of our world we immerse in’ The Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Journalism and Communication


‘Creative Space’, 2nd Floor of Ch’ien Mu Library Building, New Asia College, CUHK


A group photo taken at the opening ceremony.


Guests and CM Lab students playing the interactive game at the opening ceremony.


Professor Anthony Fung, Director of the School of Journalism and Communication, expresses his congratulations at the opening ceremony of ‘90Hz’ exhibition.


Associate Professor Donna Chu delivers a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony.


Associate Professor of Practice Eric Poon.


‘90 Hz’ exhibition – ‘Noise’ part: Hong Kongers are surrounded by a range of everyday noises.


‘90 Hz’ exhibition – ‘Noise’ part.


‘90 Hz’ exhibition – ‘Music’ part: The Main Melody and the Anti-Melody.


‘90 Hz’ exhibition – ‘Music’ part.


‘90 Hz’ exhibition – ‘Spoken Text’ part: The monologues of 100 youngsters, the post –’90, weave the story of fear and hope of the new generation.


‘90 Hz’ exhibition – ‘Spoken Text’ part.


‘90 Hz’ exhibition – ‘Sound Effect’ part: Two trains are traveling to the north and south.


‘90 Hz’ exhibition – ‘Sound Effect’ part.

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