Study Tour to South Korea 2016

Study Tour to South Korea 2016


Twenty taught postgraduate students, led by Prof. Sora Kim and Prof. Sojung Kim, had a five-day tour in South Korea from May 2 to 6, during which visits to a variety of media firms and cultural attractions were covered.

To learn about the media industry, students paid visits to CJ E&M, Cheil Communications, MBC and Press Arbitration Commission, where representatives shared about a wide range of topics, from entertainment to PR campaigns, and from Advertising to traditional media.

To experience Korean culture, students listened to a lecture about South Korea’s contemporary history, visited traditional Bukchon Hanok Village and had tours in famous local districts such as Myungdong and Hongdae.

Teachers and students from five different majors made friends with each other, and had a wonderful and remarkable time in South Korea.





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