Day Camp for Secondary School Students

Day Camp for Secondary School Students


A day camp, namely “Finding張佬——中大新傳體驗日”, was held on 27 January 2018 for 50 secondary school students. The participants were all Form 4 & 5 students from local secondary schools. A wide range of activities, such as news reporting game, photography workshop, TV studio and radio studio exploration activities, were offered to let participants have a taste of journalism and communication education. The participants enjoyed the activities very much. Some even indicated their preference for pursuing the School’s undergraduate programmes in the future.


Participants played a news reporting game.


Participants worked in groups to brainstorm ideas for their new presentation.


Participants joined a photography workshop and had fun in the Blackbox Studio.


Participants learned about news anchoring at the TV Studio.


Participants enjoyed the day camp very much.

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