ICA Conference Puerto Rico 2015

ICA Conference Puerto Rico 2015


Eleven faculty members, 8 graduate students and 2 alumni represented the School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong to participate in the International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Communication Across the Life Span from 21 to 25 May 2015. They presented a total of 24 authored or co-authored papers and chaired 3 panel discussion sessions.

A joint reception was also co-hosted by the Chinese Communication Association, Communication University of China and our School in Caribe Hilton Hotel on 23 May 2015. The event was well attended by more than 100 international scholars in communication.

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CUHK faculty chaired sessions 

  • Thursday, 21 May 2015 (8:30 – 17:00)
    Prof. Louis Leung
    Preconference: Communication and Technology Doctoral Consortium

  • Friday, 22 May 2015 (13:30 – 14:45)
    Prof. Jack L.C. Qiu
    BlueSky Workshop: Further Internationalizing ICA

  • Friday, 22 May 2015 (16:30 – 17:45)
    Prof. Jack L.C. Qiu
    Pivoting Digital Capitalism? Political Economy, Power, and Conflict of Information Technology and China


The authored or co-authored papers presented at the conference are listed below (CUHK names in bold):

Papers presented by CUHK faculty members, students and alumni

  • Thursday, 21 May 2015 (9:00 – 17:00)
    Prof. Francis L.F. Lee
    Preconference Session: New Media and Citizenship in Asia: Civic Engagement for Sustainable Development across the Life Span
    Paper title: Digital Media Use and Modes of Participation in the Umbrella Movement

  • Friday, 22 May 2015 (10:30 – 11:45)
    Mengyang Zhao (MPhil Student) and Xiao Zhang (MPhil Student)
    Session: Advances in Third Person Effect Research (TOP PAPER ENTRY)
    Paper title: Third-Person Effect on Contentious News in a Cross-Border Setting

    Prof. Jack L.C. Qiu
    Session: Media, Activism and the New Political: Inter-Asian Perspectives
    Paper title: Creative Labor and Digitally Networked Resistance: Notes From the Umbrella Movement, Hong Kong

    Prof. Joseph M. Chan
    Session: The Life Span of Iconic Photographs
    Paper title: In Search of Icons for the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong: The Interplay of Images, media, Government, Activists, and Time

  • Friday, 22 May 2015 (12:00-13:15)
    Ka Fai Cheung (MPhil Student)
    Session: Popular Communication Interactive Poster Session
    Paper title: Dramaturgical Capital: A Study of “Sze-ying”, Private Photo-Shooting of Amateur Teenage Models in Hong Kong

  • Friday, 22 May 2015 (13:30 – 14:45)
    Prof. Hsuan-ting Chen, Magdalena Saldana and Homero Gil de Zuniga
    Session: Political Discussions and Deliberation
    Paper title: How You Are Motivated to Talk Matters: A Moderated-Mediation Model of Political Discussion

    Haiyan Wang (PhD 2013 graduate) and Dmitry Yagodin
    Session: Pushing the Boundaries of Journalism Studies: The NSA Affair and the Global Legitimation Challenges of Journalism
    Paper title: China and Russia: Legitimation of New Kinds of Internet Governance

  • Friday, 22 May 2015 (15:00-16:15)
    Prof. Anthony Y.H. Fung and Ka Fai Cheung (MPhil Student)
    Session: Where and How is Television Being Revolutionized?
    Paper title: Content (Re)creation in Chinese TV: Inter-Asia TV Format Adaptation

    Prof. Kim So Jung, Nam-Hyun Um and Jong Min Kim
    Session: Focusing Theories on Communication and Technology #4
    Paper title: Antecedents and Consequences of Social Media Consumer Engagement

  • Friday, 22 May 2015 (16:30-17:45)
    Qing Huang (PhD Student)
    Session: Chinese Communication Association: Hot Topics in Chinese Communities: From Food Safety, Same-Sex Marriage, Social Trust to National Identities
    Paper title: Public Trust in Food Safety Issues in Mainland China: A Comparative Study of Yili and Fonterra Milk Powder Contamination Crises

  • Saturday, 23 May 2015 (9:00-10:15)
    Cheng Chen (M.S.Sc. in New Media Graduate 2014) and Prof. Louis Leung
    Session: Revisiting the Phenomenon of Game Addiction
    Paper title: Are You Addicted to Candy Crush Saga? An Exploratory Study Linking Psychological Factors to Mobile Social Game Addiction

    Dr. Grace L K. Leung and Richard W. S. Wu
    Session: Chinese Communication Association: Development of New Media: Challenges for Policy and Business in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan
    Paper title: How Politicization of Communications Policy and Regulation Impact the Media Service Development of Hong Kong in the Wake of Occupy Central Movement?

  • Saturday, 23 May 2015 (10:30-11:45)
    Prof. Francis L.F. Lee, Di Cui (PhD Student) and Zhian Zhang
    Session: Laymen’s Media Beliefs in Communication: Theoretical Concept and Empirical Perspectives
    Paper title: Ethical Orientations and Judgments of Chinese Press Journalists in Times of Change

    Prof. Anthony Y.H. Fung
    Session: Willing Collaborators: Negotiating Change in the East Asian Media Environment
    Paper title: Comparative Cultural Economy and Games Industries in Asia

  • Saturday, 23 May 2015 (12:00-13:15)
    Di Cui
    Session: Policy Perspectives on the Creation of a Networked Society
    Paper title: Moral Goodness and Social Orderliness: An Analysis of the Official Discourse About Internet Governance in China

  • Saturday, 23 May 2015 (13:30-14:45)
    Prof. Michael C.M. Chan
    Session: Race and Ethnicity Across Asia
    Paper title: In-Group Membership and the Linguistic Intergroup Bias: Exploring the Role of Ethnic Identification

  • Sunday, 24 May 2015 (9:00-10:15)
    Prof. Francis L.F. Lee and Prof. Joseph M. Chan
    Session: CAT Interactive Papers #1
    Paper title: Digital Media Use and Participation Leadership in Social Protests: The Case of Tiananmen Commemoration in Hong Kong

  • Sunday, 24 May 2015 (10:30-11:45)
    Prof. Angela X. Wu and Yige Dong
    Session: Performative Research and Textual Analysis in Feminist Scholarship
    Paper title: The Burden of Class Antagonism: On the Rise of Popular Feminism in Postsocialist China

  • Sunday, 24 May 2015 (12:00-13:15)
    Prof. Francis L.F. Lee, Haiyan Wang (PhD Graduate 2013) and Fan Zhang (PhD Student)
    Session: Mass Communication Interactive Poster Session
    Paper title: Are Foreign Publics Interested in News About China? Analysis of a Cross -National Survey

  • Sunday, 24 May 2015 (13:30-14:45)
    Prof. Michael C.M. Chan
    Session: How Social Media and Internet Use Influences Civic Engagement
    Paper title: Social Media and Democratic Engagement: Exploring Facebook Uses and Impact on Political Participation and Political Efficacy

  • Sunday, 24 May 2015 (16:30-17:45)
    Haiyan Wang (PhD 2013 Graduate) and Colin Sparks
    Session: Journalistic Role Performance Around the Globe: Methodological Design and Preliminary Findings From 11 Countries
    Paper title: Interventionism With Chinese Characteristics: Exploring the Role Performance of People’s Daily and Southern Metropolitan Daily

  • Monday, 25 May 2015 (9:00-10:15)
    Prof. Hsuan-ting Chen, Yonghwan Kim and Yuan Wang
    Session: Locative Mobile Issues
    Paper title: Living in the Smartphone Age: Examining the Conditional Indirect Effects of Mobile Phone Use on Political Participation

    Prof. Sora Kim and Xiaochen Zhang
    Session: Stakeholder Response to Crisis
    Paper title: An Examination of Consumer-Company Identification as a Key Predictor of Consumer Responses in Corporate Crisis

  • Monday, 25 May 2015 (10:30-11:45)
    Prof. Hsuan-ting Chen, Ping Sun (PhD Student) and Chen Gan (PhD Student) and Mengchieh Jacie Yang
    Session: Social Media and Politics
    Paper title: Far From Reach But Near at Hand: The Role of Social Media for Cross-National Mobilization in the Sunflower Social Movement in Taiwan


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