Date Title
02/2016 Monday.COME "ISIS: Real and Imagined Islamic State"
02/2016 Monday.COME "Pop Music and Politics"
02/2016 Monday.COME "The 2016 Presidential election of Taiwan: The past, present and future"
01/2016 Monday.COME "From Journalist to Traveler"
11/2015 Monday.COME "Newcomers of the District Council Election"
11/2015 Monday.COME "An Insider's View on Financial News" (Cancelled)
10/2015 Monday.COME "Have Fun – the banter strategy of the 100Most"
10/2015 Monday.COME "Images Occupy @ Big Social Events"
10/2015 Monday.COME "Initium Media in a whirlpool"
09/2015 Monday.COME "Sunflower Movement and Umbrella Movement: The Causality, Interaction, and Comparison of Social Movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong"
03/2015 Monday.COME "Predicaments Facing the Families of Mainland Chinese Prisoners of Conscience: From Prison to Benevolence"
03/2015 Monday.COME "Creative Social Movement: The Story of Mocking Jer"
03/2015 Monday.COME "Recording and Responding to the Umbrella Movement in Words and Images"
02/2015 Monday.COME "Between Politics and Art: Works of art in the Umbrella Movement"
01/2015 Monday.COME "Urban development in the eyes of village people"
01/2015 Monday.COME "Reflections on the Umbrella Movement: The issues of leadership and discipline"
11/2014 Monday.COME "Understanding Xi's rule from the media discourse"
11/2014 Monday.COME "My life as a frontline TV journalist"
10/2014 Monday.COME "Youth en route"
10/2014 Monday.COME "The “Democratic Repatriation” and the way out for “One Country, Two Systems”
09/2014 Monday.COME "Indifference of the international community—experiences from Ebola infected areas"
09/2014 Monday.COME "Disobedience and recalcitrance"
03/2014 Monday.COME "Privileges in Daily Life: Reflections on Violence in News Coverage"
03/2014 Monday.COME "Seeing through Their Lenses"
03/2014 Monday.COME "The People’s Art and Labor Movement"