Date Title
10/2019 Monday.COME "為甚麼社工會在抗爭現場?"
10/2019 Monday.COME "民意捕手"
09/2019 Monday.COME "「這年夏天,我們在催淚彈放題中實習」"
04/2019 Monday.COME "檔案尋寶記 – 民間研究苦與樂"
11/2018 Monday.COME "收音機的現代故事"
10/2018 Monday.COME "「如果有得買,我梗係會買樓」— 買樓作為希望機制"
10/2018 Monday.COME "When I talk about finance......"
09/2018 Monday.COME "Coffee and Salon Culture"
03/2018 Monday.COME "Drifters in Hong Kong and Mainland China"
03/2018 Monday.COME "Independent Bookstore in Hong Kong"
01/2018 Monday.COME "Reflection in Jail"
11/2017 Monday.COME "Can We Make A Living by Story Telling?"
10/2017 Monday.COME "Sharing Economy? The Experience of Uber Hong Kong"
10/2017 Monday.COME "Young Democrats in Macau"
10/2017 Monday.COME "Casting in Jail"
04/2017 Monday.COME "Can Online News Media Survive? The Trial of Hong Kong Citizen News"
03/2017 Monday.COME "Mad World" Film Sharing Session
03/2017 Monday.COME "The Alternation of Generations and Campaign Strategy of Democratic Party"
02/2017 Monday.COME "Marathoning and Life"
02/2017 Monday.COME " The Politics behind Hong Kong Chief Executive Election"
10/2016 Monday.COME "Is Donald Trump a side product of the U.S. media?"
10/2016 Monday.COME "A Perfect Crash” Film Sharing Session
09/2016 Monday.COME "Imagining 2047"
04/2016 Monday.COME "Extending the space between 0 and 1: The practice and imagination of Hong Kong 01 "
03/2016 Monday.COME "An Insider's View on Financial News"