Date Title
01/2019 The Twelfth Chinese University Communication Visiting Scholar Workshop: Social Media and the Boundary between Public and Private
01/2019 《傳播與社會學刊》慶祝酒會
01/2019 2019 Greater China Visiting Scholar Program
12/2018 Training Trip to Prague and Berlin 2018
11/2018 CUHK Alumni Happy Hour cum Dialogue with John Wood
11/2018 Monday.COME "收音機的現代故事"
11/2018 China Reporting – Access Denied?
11/2018 M.S.Sc. in Advertising Graduation Party 2018
11/2018 M.S.Sc. in Corporate Communication Graduation Party 2018
11/2018 Photo-taking for Taught Postgraduate Graduates
11/2018 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Dr. Nishant Shah
11/2018 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Kwan Min Lee
10/2018 Monday.COME "「如果有得買,我梗係會買樓」— 買樓作為希望機制"
10/2018 Guest Talk: Red-Color News Soldier
10/2018 Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions
10/2018 Monday.COME "When I talk about finance......"
10/2018 Consultation Sessions in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing for research postgraduate programmes in Communication (Registration deadline: 16 September 2018)
10/2018 Promotional Talks in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai for Taught Postgraduate Programmes of the School of Journalism and Communication
10/2018 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Jun Chu and Philip Chua
09/2018 Global Comm Talk Series: From NAH to Newsroom: A Rookie’s Adventure in Journalism
09/2018 Monday.COME "Coffee and Salon Culture"
09/2018 Conversations with Communicators talk series 2018 – Vivek Mahbubani
09/2018 BSSc Global Comm Pre-departure Session with Prof. Tim Jordan
09/2018 Exchange Welcoming and Gathering Session
09/2018 Tea Reception for Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students