Media Coverage
Date Title
03/2022 Why China is skeptical of local journalists working for Western media
03/2022 How a TikTok video of a woman chained up in a backyard shed sparked worldwide debate about China's shadowy human trafficking industry
03/2022 Coronavirus: Hong Kong leader’s daily press briefings may undermine credibility if she fails to deliver results, analysts say
03/2022 Chinese critics of Russian attack on Ukraine frightened to speak out
03/2022 In China, a battle for public opinion over Ukraine pits facts against propaganda
03/2022 社交媒體和知識鴻溝下的政治宣傳
03/2022 超市凍肉廁紙清零 市民:政府無用要自救
02/2022 央媒稱須剷除拐賣毒瘤
02/2022 新聞風雨中的微光:記仍在堅持的人
01/2022 Video of Mentally Ill Woman Chained in Shack Stirs Anger in China
01/2022 李立峯:從回顧式評價到前瞻式評價——疫情如何影響民意
01/2022 被迫退場的網媒 新聞黑夜中同燃小小燭光
01/2022 魏然:疫情假資訊滋長 二手傳播須正視
12/2021 市民回應民意調查時 會否自我審查?
12/2021 China’s livestream queen is being erased from the internet over tax evasion
12/2021 Combative China Editor Whose Tweets Moved Markets Retires
11/2021 Fake news in Hong Kong: who should serve as arbiter of what is true and false?
10/2021 疫情造就Mirror爆紅 為本港流行文化填補空白
10/2021 China: The patriotic 'ziganwu' bloggers who attack the West
09/2021 港台新編輯政策
09/2021 區議員宣誓
09/2021 香港電台《城市論壇》復播無期
08/2021 How China's Ultra-Loyal Web Army Silences Beijing's Critics
08/2021 林鄭:港台要增播內地節目 與央媒結伙伴
07/2021 登記媒體3年增48 內媒翻倍