Media Coverage
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06/2021 香港《蘋果日報》停刊:這意味著什麼?
06/2021 Final edition of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily could come on Saturday
06/2021 自2019年76報道涉制裁中港 40社評專欄論制裁 集中國安法前
06/2021 Hong Kong national security law: Apple Daily arrests could encourage self-censorship, experts warn, but legal scholars insist reporters have little to fear
06/2021 Hong Kong police raid Apple Daily newspaper under national security law, arrest staff
06/2021 查冊起底新聞造假?傳媒學者批政府混淆視聽
06/2021 With Podcasts, a Generation of Young Chinese Find Their Voice
06/2021 In Hong Kong, Short-Lived Censorship Hints at a Deeper Standoff
05/2021 假新聞法 誰定真假? 誰來判別? 誰會犯法? 緩衝與罰則?
05/2021 Hong Kong electoral reforms: Carrie Lam the TV host – did she nail it or was talk show a propaganda bid?
05/2021 報評會沒免責權 執委自言無牙虎 憂遭告誹謗「就住」查失實 一直爭取賦權不果
05/2021 官員聲聲假新聞 學者憂立法意在傳媒 半年提13次 林鄭稱研究他國做法 鄧炳強稱關乎國安
05/2021 Coronavirus: ‘vaccine bubble’ incentives aren’t enough, Hong Kong must get creative to dispel rumours, share facts about jabs, experts say
05/2021 學者指轉播奧運非收視保證 政府決定會否令電視台倚賴
05/2021 改裁投訴成立 利君雅不獲港台續約 保密條款禁公開報告
04/2021 Hong Kong has fined a journalist for ticking a box. That shows the city's media freedoms are in jeopardy
04/2021 助理廣播處長請辭 港台兩月走5高層
04/2021 蔡玉玲被判罪成 7個傳媒組織發聲明稱痛心疾首
04/2021 Jack Ma and Alibaba's media power touches nerve in Beijing
04/2021 規管香港媒體「動真格」?取締《蘋果》或循兩條罪行
04/2021 Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai and his media empire face uncertain future
03/2021 政府收緊查冊安排 有學者憂損公眾知情權
03/2021 學者:商家明星KOL推波助瀾 望分杯羹
03/2021 阿里巴巴被要求出售傳媒資產
03/2021 人口普查6月啟 學者憂不合作成風