School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK - News Archive
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10/2011 Monday.COME "The Humanitarian Crisis in East Africa"
10/2011 Off the record "Staying Alive at the Digital Frontier"
10/2011 Monday.COME "Hong Kong Stories of Mainland Students"
10/2011 Monday.COME "Let Ideas Fly: New Media Movement in Hong Kong"
10/2011 新聞吹吹風 "我適合做電視台記者嗎?"
10/2011 CUHK - Thomson Reuters Foundation Reporting Crisis and Disaster Training Programme
09/2011 Monday.COME "The Prospects of Free Newspapers"
09/2011 CJoC (Chinese Journal of Communication) Accepted into Thomson Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index® (SSCI)
09/2011 Symposium -- Living with and in a Giant Nation: A Dialogue with American Journalists on Post-handover Hong Kong
09/2011 Welcome Anthony, Farewell Clement
08/2011 Prof. Anthony Y.H. Fung is appointed as the School Director
07/2011 《獨家新聞解碼》
07/2011 New Book Launch – “Stories behind the Scoops”
07/2011 The Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change, 24 July 2011 to 13 August 2011
06/2011 CUHK Journalism and Communication Alumni Association Charity Premiere "Reporter"
05/2011 2011 Singapore academic exchange study tours
05/2011 2011 Taiwan academic exchange study tours
04/2011 Monday.COME "The creation and quandary of public opinion in China: start with personal experience"
04/2011 Monday.COME "The Class of 2011 Video Screening"
03/2011 Monday.COME "I love knapsack travel"
03/2011 Monday.COME "HK Radio Host Chan Keung and his Shanghai Diary"
03/2011 2011 Career Talk
03/2011 2011 求職講座
03/2011 2011 年度學長計劃
03/2011 Mentorship Programme 2011