School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK - News Archive
Created Date Title
06/2013 Our teacher Won 2013 Top Faculty Paper in the Visual Communication Division of ICA
05/2013 Public Talk by Prof. Adam Clayton Powell III
05/2013 中國網路輿論十年:從熱點到規律分析
05/2013 Our PhD Student Won Top Paper Award in the Communication Technology Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)
04/2013 黑面中大生「為啖氣」抗議污染
04/2013 Inaugural Seminar Series: Internationalizing "International Communication" Research: Critical Reflections and a New Point of Departure
04/2013 Public Relations Day
04/2013 Monday.COME "About James Wong, after 7 years of research, what I’m saying is ……"
04/2013 Film Screening: HIGH TECH, LOW LIFE followed by a sharing and discussion session with Zola
04/2013 CUHK - Thomson Reuters Foundation Social Media & Digital Journalism Training Programme
04/2013 Lecturer Vivian Tam won two prizes in the 17th Annual Human Rights Press Awards 2012
03/2013 Off the record "From JLM to a Career in the International News Media"
03/2013 Monday.COME "To Vote for another Person Instead -- an Afterthought of an Independent Candidate for the National People’s Congress Election"
03/2013 Monday.COME "Is Psychological Warfare in Politics the Key to Success? Or the Road to Failure?"
03/2013 Postgraduate Students Won Best Student Paper Award in the Public Relations Division of International Communication Association (ICA)
03/2013 Undergraduate students won the “Best Social Mission” prize in the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2012
02/2013 Public Talk by Prof. Junhao Hong's Scholar in International Communication
02/2013 2012-13 Career Talk
02/2013 Authors' Talk - Publishing in Academic Journals Communication Studies
02/2013 Monday.COME "Taiwan’s Democratization and Localization – A Reference for Hong Kong"
02/2013 Applications for Postgraduate Programmes, September 2013 Intake
02/2013 Opening ceremony of High Definition TV Studio and Creative Hub
02/2013 Upgrade and Improvement of Professional Facilities
01/2013 「重要他人」重要嗎?人際溝通與節能減碳行為之採納
01/2013 隱蔽的控制與公開的抗爭——從西安讀書會風波說起