School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK - News Archive
Created Date Title
01/2013 2007-2012突發公共衛生事件中的議題互動研究
01/2013 Public Talk by Prof. Zhou Shuhua, a Scholar in Cognition of Mediated Messages
01/2013 大中華訪問學者專題講座
01/2013 Dinner Reunion with Former Head Prof. Leonard Chu
01/2013 Monday.COME "We’re Closer to Our Dream than Ever? ─ Media Censorship in China"
01/2013 Visiting Scholar Programme 2013
01/2013 Opening Ceremony of C-Centre
01/2013 C研中心正式開幕
01/2013 新聞吹吹風 "收緊查冊資料 新聞界風聲鶴唳"
01/2013 JLM x 號外: 《暗室-90後的覺醒》
01/2013 One Person One More Story
12/2012 金帆學生大獎 中大突圍
12/2012 Double Degree Options in Journalism and Communication Programme and Integrated BBA Programme
12/2012 Public Talk by Prof. David Atkin, a Scholar in New Media and Telecommunication
12/2012 中大新聞與傳播碩士課程 革新內容緊貼業界需求
12/2012 CUHK - Thomson Reuters Foundation Social Media & Journalism Training Programme
12/2012 Tea Reception and Open House for Alumni on CUHK Alumni Homecoming Day
12/2012 Monday.COME "Checking the Health of Hong Kong's Freedom of Speech: Online Radio and Digital Radio as Examples"
12/2012 2012 HK4As Student Awards
11/2012 Public Talk by Prof. Sue S.C. Huang, a Scholar in Culture Industry Studies
11/2012 Public Talk by Prof. Carolyn Lin, a Scholar in Communication Technologies and Advertising
11/2012 金帆獎懸賞 尋青年創意癲火
11/2012 Monday.COME "Professor Lau Siu Kai: Out from the Backstage"
11/2012 Monday.COME "Strike Back of Independent Media Professionals: Why Set up a Magazine in Hong Kong?"
11/2012 Visit to the Cable TV (Taught postgraduate students)