Date Title
02/2017 Exhibition of Students’ Photo Albums
02/2017 Undergraduate Guest Talk「政壇壞孩子是如何煉成的?」
02/2017 Alumni Sharing Session cum BBQ Gathering 2017
02/2017 中大祭75萬獎學金擴招台生
02/2017 香港中大搶台生 祭300萬元全額獎金
02/2017 起薪32萬﹗香港中大搶生5年拿「學博」雙學位
02/2017 Monday.COME " The Politics behind Hong Kong Chief Executive Election"
01/2017 Bloomberg News Internship Information Session
01/2017 2017 Greater China Visiting Scholar Seminar
01/2017 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Weiyu Zhang
01/2017 Joint IIAS/SSRC Winter School on Media Activism and Postcolonial Futures
01/2017 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Chris Berry
01/2017 The Tenth Chinese University Communication Visiting Scholar Workshop: The Impact of Digital Technologies on Journalism
01/2017 2017 Greater China Visiting Scholar Symposium
01/2017 Social Network Analysis Workshop by Prof. Lun Zhang
01/2017 Alumni Association Craft Beer Workshop
12/2016 Training Trip to Prague & Berlin
11/2016 The Alumni Association Mai Po Birdwatching Tour
11/2016 M.S.Sc. in Corporate Communication Graduation Party 2016
11/2016 Photo-taking for Taught Postgraduate Graduates
11/2016 Lecturer Vivian Tam awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award and the Faculty of Social Science Exemplary Teaching Award 2015
11/2016 Undergraduate Students Won Numerous Prizes in 2015-16 Campus Newspaper Awards
11/2016 聯合報願景 港論壇成亮點
11/2016 “CSR Practice & Communication – Now and Future” Forum
11/2016 Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions