Date Title
07/2016 四成青年撐港獨 逾半撐一國兩制 學者:政治形勢變 取態或再變
07/2016 Public Talk 「新聞管理:唯變是道」
07/2016 U-Beat and Varsity Students Won the 16th Consumer Right Press Awards
07/2016 Zengzik Scholarship for Social Justice Journalism 2015-2016
06/2016 PhD Student Won the Best Student Paper Runner-Up Award
05/2016 Clarification
05/2016 Study Tour to United Kingdom 2016
05/2016 Programme Exploration Days for JUPAS Applicants
05/2016 Study Tour to Russia 2016
05/2016 Public Lecture: Our data in whose hands? Global perspectives on Telecommunications Privacy
05/2016 Varsity and Pinpoint Students Won 2015 Human Rights Press Awards
05/2016 “Trivisa” Movie Screening
05/2016 Undergraduate Study Trip to Beijing for “The 23rd Beijing University Students Film Festival”
05/2016 Study Tour to South Korea 2016
04/2016 《新聞老總談管理》新書發布
04/2016 《領導的藝術:新聞老總談管理》新書發佈會
04/2016 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Arul Chib
04/2016 Monday.COME "Extending the space between 0 and 1: The practice and imagination of Hong Kong 01 "
04/2016 Academic Planning Day for Secondary 5 Students
03/2016 香港中文大學企業傳播社會科學碩士課程歡慶二十周年
03/2016 Job Interview Workshop
03/2016 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Alfred Hermida
03/2016 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Michael Kent and Taylor Maureen
03/2016 Monday.COME "An Insider's View on Financial News"
03/2016 Public Relations Week “Emerging Trends and Challenges of Public relations and Strategic Communication in the Digital Era”