Date Title
06/2017 Our PhD Student Won Paper Award in the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)
05/2017 Creative Media Industries Development Study Tour to Beijing
05/2017 U-Beat and Varsity Students Won 21st Human Rights Press Awards
05/2017 Study Tour to South Korea 2017
05/2017 Postgraduate Study Tour to United Kingdom 2017
04/2017 Prof. Donna Chu Honoured with The New York Festivals TV & Film Awards
04/2017 評新聞自由 市民滿意度大升
04/2017 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Dana Diminescu and Prof. Koen Leurs
04/2017 羅永聰自評最成功輸家
04/2017 Monday.COME "Can Online News Media Survive? The Trial of Hong Kong Citizen News"
04/2017 曾俊華「信任」同事決定 羅永聰早盼做最成功輸家
04/2017 羅永聰:做到「最成功輸家」
04/2017 談曾俊華敗選 羅永聰:最成功輸家
04/2017 羅永聰認為曾俊華競選活動成功原因是信任同事決定
04/2017 羅永聰:競選活動成功因曾俊華信任同事
04/2017 羅永聰回顧特首選舉坦言早知會輸 「呢一鋪認真咗」
04/2017 被問如林鄭月娥接觸會否答應 羅永聰:對方找自己才算
04/2017 曾俊華老友羅永聰:希望做最成功輸家
04/2017 曾俊華軍師羅永聰:我們成為最成功的輸家 呢一鋪認真咗
04/2017 林鄭可變曾俊華? 羅永聰:一定有好方法包裝佢形象
04/2017 曾俊華軍師羅永聰:成功做到「最成功輸家」
04/2017 Talk by Alumni Association: PR Battle of Chief Executive Election
03/2017 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Dr. Pollyanna Ruiz
03/2017 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Zhu Ying
03/2017 Launching Ceremony of CUHK-Sussex International Programme in Global Communication and Academic Roundtable on Social Media and Youth