Date Title
02/2021 港台或變政府宣傳機器?李立峯:料整頓工作不會停
02/2021 港台檢討|近年處長逐個數 兩空降政務官坐正 有人遇黑地氈迎接
02/2021 Prof. Ran Wei and his team received CRF to study “infodemics” in COVID-19 pandemic
02/2021 美國大選 謠言和陰謀論充斥中文信息圈
02/2021 In Hong Kong, freedom of expression is shrinking fast
02/2021 中國禁播BBC世界新聞台 中大梁麗娟指象徵大於實際
02/2021 Lunar New Year Vacation
02/2021 Two editors of Communication and Society are listed in the World Top 2% Scientists
02/2021 China blocks audio app Clubhouse after users seize rare shot at free speech
02/2021 Clubhouse Gets Blocked in China
01/2021 No laughing matter as comedians drive Hong Kong TVB’s effort to get creative, grow dwindling audiences
01/2021 The Fourteenth Chinese University Communication Visiting Scholar Workshop: Digital Media as Data and Methods
01/2021 2021 Greater China Visiting Scholar Program
01/2021 Undergraduate Students Won Merit Award in the HK4As Students' Award 2020
01/2021 Add / Drop Period of Second Term of Undergraduate Programmes
01/2021 Varsity and U-Beat Students Won 10 Prizes in 2020 Campus News Award
01/2021 Commencement of Second Term of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes
01/2021 A Hong Kong Website Gets Blocked, Raising Censorship Fears
01/2021 Add / Drop Period of Second Term of Postgraduate Programmes
01/2021 【查冊紅線.2】記者「新聞」為由 查鄭若驊獨立屋圖則 屋宇署拒絕提供 拒答審核準則
01/2021 立場蘋果獨媒 警持手令命交資料 「了解交易不涉採訪材料」 記協質疑威脅傳媒工作
01/2021 China Is Said to Censor Local Media Coverage of Alibaba Probe
01/2021 學者指運輸署通知車主有人查冊 影響傳媒偵查報道效果
01/2021 Public Holiday - The First Day of January
12/2020 Public Holiday - Christmas Vacation