Date Title
10/2013 中大新聞獎講座 業界猛人分享心得
10/2013 Public Talk by Prof. Stuart Cunningham, a Scholar in Creative Industry
10/2013 Monday.COME "My Perfect Summer Semeste"
10/2013 Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions 2013
10/2013 2013 Conversations with Communicators
10/2013 Statement of the School of Journalism and Communication, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
10/2013 Public Talk by Prof. Jeong-Nam Kim, a Scholar in Situational Theory of Problem Solving
10/2013 CUHK Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions 2013
10/2013 Sharing of ‘CANTOPOPSIBILITY’ by C AllStar
10/2013 Public Talk by Lisa Henderson, a Scholar in Gender and Cultural Studies
10/2013 Monday.COME "The Search of His Roots in Cuba"
10/2013 Mentorship Programme 2013
10/2013 Consultation Sessions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for research graduate programmes in Communication (Registration deadline: 21 Oct)
09/2013 Varsity and U-Beat won 11 prizes in the China Daily Campus Newspaper Award 2013
09/2013 Public Talk by Miklos Sukosd, a Scholar in International Media Research
09/2013 Monday.COME "The Apple Daily Culture ─ a first-hand experience"
09/2013 The School Signed MoU on Professional Journalism Training with Thomson Reuters Foundation
09/2013 Hollywood Road Exhibition
09/2013 Hollywood Road Exhibition opening
09/2013 Announcing our new logo
09/2013 China Daily Hong Kong 2013 Campus Newspaper Award