Date Title
05/2022 Dr. Miao Lu Received the Best Dissertation Award (Runner-up), Global Communication and Social Change Division, ICA 2022
05/2022 Professor Chan Lik Sam and Ph.D. Student Wu Biying Received the Top Faculty Paper Award, LGBTQ Interest Group, AEJMC 2022
05/2022 Professor Jinping Wang Received the Top Paper Award, Human-Machine Communication Division, ICA 2022
05/2022 Professor Ran Wei Inducted as an ICA Fellow
05/2022 方可成:中國「自媒體」十年——流量生意,一地雞毛
05/2022 CUHK Programme Exploration Days 2022
05/2022 學者:網上資訊未必可信 傳統媒體發揮優勢
05/2022 通識導賞:後國安法時代民調發展 民調回應率下跌 最大衝擊
05/2022 李立峯:看香港的新聞自由世界排名
05/2022 In China, fleeting “cyber protests” leave behind fragile memories
05/2022 Canto-pop veterans from Coco Lee to George Lam take on younger idols Gigi Yim, Shan Yichun in reality TV competition Infinity and Beyond
05/2022 China calls WHO chief 'irresponsible' for saying zero-COVID strategy 'not sustainable'
05/2022 不跟YouTube正路玩法 以影片營造陪伴感 懷疑人生就去:散步/開Live/畫畫/送別十二卡火車⋯⋯
05/2022 【元宇宙漫遊指南】專訪中文大學亞太研究所所長馮應謙:兩種生活將同時存在
04/2022 China’s Covid Lockdown Outrage Tests Limits of Triumphant Propaganda
04/2022 What Shanghai Is Going Through Is News to Many in the Rest of China
04/2022 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Kecheng Fang
04/2022 確診、失業、股票崩盤…這麼多壞消息,如何「共存」?
04/2022 把握國家機遇尋文化產業新方向
04/2022 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Eric Haley
04/2022 Independent Reporting On Mu5735 Disaster Blocked, Criticized, And Censored
04/2022 東航墜機遇難名單成「隱私」,賠付、維權可能有哪些影響?
03/2022 How a Book About America’s History Foretold China’s Future
03/2022 CUHK Programme Taster Fair 2022
03/2022 Why China is skeptical of local journalists working for Western media