School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK - LIEW, Hattie Hanming

LIEW, Hattie Hanming

LIEW, Hattie Hanming, Ph.D. Student 


University Attended: 

Bachelor of Communication Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Master of Mass Communication, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Phone: (852) 3943-7713
Fax: (852) 2603-5007
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Research Interests:

Audience and Fandom Studies, Micro-celebrity and Internet Culture, Television Studies, Popular Music

Book Chapter:

Liew, H. (forthcoming). Fandom in my Pocket: Experiencing Fandom in Closed Communities. In Cabañes, J. V. A., & Uy-Tioco, C. (Eds.), Mobile Media and Asian Social Intimacies. Sage.

Liew, H. (forthcoming, October 2018). ILYSM: Instagram fan accounts as fan practice. In Abidin, C., Cambre, C., & Warfield, K. (Eds.), Me-diated Inter-faces: representation, presentation, and embodiment online. Bloomsbury.

Liew, H. (2014). The pleasures of fandom and the affective divide. In A. Chauvel, N. Lamerichs, & J. Seymour (Eds.), Fan Studies: Researching Popular Audiences (pp. 35-54). Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Book Review:

Liew, H. (2017). Book review: Sherry Turkle, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. Mobile Media and Communication, 5(2), pp. 213-214. doi: 10.1177/2050157917690967a


Participation in Conferences:


  • Liew, H. (2017). Internet Meme Culture: An Ethnography of Communication Approach to Understanding Memes as Communication Practice. Paper presented at the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 2017 Conference, 28 July - 1 August 2017, Seoul, South Korea.

  • Liew, H., & Cui, D. (2017). American Late-Night Talk Shows in China: Textual Transparency, Pleasure, and Political Reflexivity. Paper presented at the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 2017 Conference, 28 July - 1 August 2017, Seoul, South Korea.

  • Liew, H. (2017). Anti-fandom and the Immoral Woman. Paper Presented at Cultural Typhoon 2017 Conference, 24-25 June 2017, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Liew, H., & Choy, H. Y. (2016). An Enhanced Theory of Planned Behaviour Perspective: Health Information Seeking on Smartphones Among Domestic Helpers. Paper presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference, 4-7 August 2016, Minneapolis, United States of America.

  • Liew, H. (2016). Anti-Fandom, Moral Panic and Singapore’s Celebrity Blogger Xiaxue. Paper presented at the 66th Interntional Communication Association Annual Conference, 9-13 June 2016, Fukuoka, Japan.

  • Liew, H. (2015). The Meanings of Home – A Patriotic Pop Song and the Nation. Paper presented at All I Need is Love? Nation, Affect and Aversion in a Post-Imagined-Community Asia, 23-24 October 2015, Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Lwin, M., Shin, W., Wardoyo, R. J., Liew, H., & Yeo, S. L. (2015). Assessing the Impact of Food Regulations in Singapore: A Content Analysis of F&B Advertising Landscape. The Asian Congress of Nutrition, Yokohama, Japan, May 14-18, 2015.

  • Liew, H. (2014). Audience Space as a Space for Nationalism. The Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand, August, 8-9, 2014. 

  • Liew, H. (2013). Growing up and Growing Closer/Growing up and Growing Apart. The Global Research Project on Fan Communities and Fandom, Oxford, United Kingdom.