School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK - BAI, Chenyu

BAI, Chenyu

BAI, Chenyu, Ph.D. Student

University Attended:

B.A. in Tourism Management, Jinan University, Guangdong, China

M.A. in Journalism, CUHK, HK

M.A. in Mass Communication, Peking University, Beijing, China

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Fax: (852) 2603-5007
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Research Interests:

The Politics of materiality/knowledge, Cultural Studies and Political Economy, Media Archaeology


Journal Article:



Book Chapters:



Conference Paper Presentations:

Bai Chenyu (2020). From Enlightenment to Revolution: Lantern Slides Technology in Yan’an Period of China, International Association for Media and Communication Research 2020 Conference, Virtual, July 12-17, 2020.