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CHOW, Carol P.H.

carol chow

CHOW, Carol P.H.

B.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Master of Visual Arts
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


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icon research Research Interests:

  • Social campaign,
  • Cultural politics,
  • Creative industries and cultural policy,
  • Film studies

icon research Current Research:

  • Global Modernities,
  • New Labor Politics,
  • Visual Culture

icon researchTeaching Interests:

  • Social campaign,
  • Cultural politics,
  • Creative industries and cultural policy,
  • Film studies

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Know Thyself

icon researchPublication List:

Academic Publication


Carol Chow Pui Ha (2013). Image Capital, Field and Economies of Signs and Space, the Communication Review, 16:251–270

Carol Chow and Eric Ma (2008), " Rescaling the Local and the National: transborder production of Hong Kong TV dramas in Mainland China," in Zhu, Ying, Michael Keane and Ruoyun Bai eds. (2008) TV Drama in China: Unfolding Narratives of Tradition, Political Transformation and Cosmopolitan Identity, Hong Kong: HKU Press (book chapter)


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周佩霞 (2013),Is Our City Dying? 從《天與地》看香港電視劇與身份認同角力。《JC Motion E book - 香港社會文化系列》 

馬傑偉、周佩霞編 (2013),跨界華語電影研究專輯,南京大學出版社

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周佩霞、馬傑偉 (2009),視覺政治及道德倫理----紀錄片《麥收》引起的爭議,《 傳播與社會學刊》第9期 203-209頁

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Non-academic Publication


周佩霞、馬傑偉,《愛國政治審查》,香港 : 次文化堂, 2005

Book Chapter and Journal Articles

周佩霞 (2016),<策展為王道>,《香港電台通識網/集師廣益/ 學者文稿》

周佩霞 (2015),<境遇之間>,《六位女性以攝影書寫的香港故事展覽場刊》

周佩霞 (2015),<跨界/邊界>,《吳攝影展覽導言,光影作坊》

周佩霞 (2015),<有關照相館的一二>,《物語—相片考 (一) 影樓篇》鍾燕齊編,12-14頁,三聯書店(香港)有限公司

馬傑偉、周佩霞 (2012),電視劇的國族地理, 《普普香港 : 閱讀香港普及文化, 2000-2010》 張志偉; 曾仲堅編. 頁118-121. 香港教育圖書公司

周佩霞 (2006),《看(不)見的城市》— 西洋菜街夾縫中的浮城記憶",馬傑偉、陳智遠編,《 6 個中國城市的 16 條街道》,香港 : Roundtable


Carol Chow (2015), The Symbolic Contestation of Lion Rock Spirit in the Umbrella Movement, Inter Asia Cultural Studies Annual Conference, Surabaya, Indonesia.

周佩霞 、謝至德 (2014),”新聞攝影與網絡媒介” 《香港文化與社會研討會2014: 香港.特性.雜異》,香港中文大學

Carol Chow (2014), Can the Gaze be Transformed? A critical examination of visual ethnography of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, International Visual Sociology Association Annual Conference 2014, Pittsburgh, USA.

Carol Chow (2014). The Space of the Central as Borderlands: The transgressions and the contestations in the Central District of Hong Kong". Paper presented in the The Asian Conference on Asian Studies 2014 - ACAS 2014, Osaka, Japan.

Carol Chow (2013). Floating Lives: the life of domestic helpers in Hong Kong, Paper presented in the Changing Lenses: an Invitation to Visual Sociology, Hong Kong University

周佩霞 (2012),Is Our City Dying? 從《天與地》看香港電視劇與身份認同角力, 《香港文化與社會研討會》, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Other activities

Curator: Voice of Tacitness: Asian Women Photography Exhibition, Hong Kong International Festival 2014, Hong Kong

Curator: Voice of Tacitness: Asian Female Photographers Exhibition, Dali International Photo Festival 2013, China