School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK - Applicable to students admitted in 2019-20

Applicable to students admitted in 2019-20


    Students are required to complete a minimum of 72 units of courses as follows:
    (1) Faculty Package:    
      COMM1120 and any two courses, offered by two different Programme/Departments/Schools, chosen from the following: 9 units

ARCH1001, ARCH1002, DSPS1001, ECON1210, ECON1220, ECON2011, GLSD1001, GPAD1020, GPAD1076, GPAD1077, GRMA1302, GRMD1401, GRMD1402, PSYC1000, PSYC1630, SOCI1001, SOCI1201, SOWK1001, SOWK1113, SOWK1114, URSP1001, URSP1002  
    (2) Required Courses:    
      (A) COMM 1150 Introduction to Media Industries and Practices 24 units
        COMM 2500 Introduction to Global Communication  
        COMM 2520 Global Affairs and Public Issues  
        COMM 2530 Critical Studies in Media and Communication  
        COMM 3210 Field Study I  
        COMM 3220 Field Study II  
        COMM 3700 Intercultural Communication  
        COMM 4150 Senior Research Project  
      (B) Students are required to study in the University of Sussex for one academic year and complete at least 24 units of courses related to global communication approved by the School Director. Grades obtained in these courses are not included in the calculation of GPA. Students who are unable to obtain the required units from the University of Sussex must make up the shortfall by completing appropriate courses at CUHK, subject to the approval of the School Director.  24 units
    (3) Elective Courses:  
        At least 15 units from the following courses:  15 units
      (i) Advertising and Public Relations  
        COMM 2812 Professional Public Relations Writing  
        COMM 2813 Social Media and Crisis Communication  
        COMM 2814 Social Campaigning and Public Relations for NGOs  
        COMM 2830 Account Planning and Management  
        COMM 2840 Advertising and Society  
        COMM 2850 Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications  
        COMM 3810 Public Relations and Social Theory  
        COMM 3811 Special Topic in Public Relations I  
        COMM 3812 Special Topic in Public Relations II  
        COMM 3820 Media Management for Public Relations  
        COMM 3831 Special Topic in Advertising I  
        COMM 3832 Special Topic in Advertising II  
        COMM 3840 Advertising Copywriting  
        COMM 3850 Advertising Art Direction  
        COMM 3855 Advertising Media Planning  
        COMM 3881 Public Relations Case Analysis and Campaigns  
        COMM 3888 Financial Public Relations  
        COMM 4848 New Media Advertising  
      (ii) Journalism    
        COMM 2210 News and Society  
        COMM 2440 Photojournalism  
        COMM 2600 Introduction to Journalism  
        COMM 2610 Foreign News Desk Practice  
        COMM 2740 Broadcast News  
        COMM 2910 News Analysis  
        COMM 3630 Digital Journalism  
        COMM 3640 China News Reporting  
        COMM 3650 Social Media Analytics for Communication Professionals  
        COMM 3670 Issues in Current Affairs  
        COMM 3680 Business and Financial Reporting  
        COMM 3681 Special Topic in Journalism I  
        COMM 3682 Special Topic in Journalism II  
        COMM 3740 Advanced Broadcast News  
        COMM 3750 Storytelling in Journalism  
        COMM 5631 Topical Studies in Journalism I  
        COMM 5632 Topical Studies in Journalism II  
        COMM 5650 Journalism Theory and Analysis  
        COMM 5690 Feature Writing  
      (iii) Creative and New Media  
        COMM 2710 Fundamentals in Visual Media  
        COMM 2733 Radio Production  
        COMM 2922 Introduction to Creative and New Media  
        COMM 2925 Principles of Editing in Creative Media  
        COMM 2926 Creative Design and Layout  
        COMM 2928 Art Direction  
        COMM 2940 Internet, Digital Media and Information Society  
        COMM 2962 Photography  
        COMM 3711 Script Writing and Screenplay  
        COMM 3733 Television Production  
        COMM 3800 Multimedia Design Techniques  
        COMM 3920 Creative Writing in Media  
        COMM 3921 Special Topic in Creative and New Media I  
        COMM 3922 Special Topic in Creative and New Media II  
        COMM 3930 Digital Video Production  
        COMM 3933 Music Industry, Production and Marketing  
        COMM 3939 Film Directors  
        COMM 3940 Multimedia and Digital Entertainment Design  
        COMM 3941 New Media Business  
        COMM 3963 Entertainment Business  
        COMM 4730 Documentary  
        COMM 4733 Advanced Television Production  
        COMM 4935 Cinematography  
        COMM 4956 Fundamentals of Computer Animation  
        COMM 4962 Advanced Photography  
      (iv) Communication Studies  
        COMM 2140 Media and Social Development in Mainland China  
        COMM 2920 Media, Sex and Violence  
        COMM 2930 Understanding Movies  
        COMM 2932 Film Genres: Love, Death and Laughs  
        COMM 3131 Special Topic in Communication Studies I  
        COMM 3132 Special Topic in Communication Studies II  
        COMM 3191 Film, Television and Hong Kong Culture  
        COMM 3193 Media and Gender  
        COMM 4040 Directed Studies in Communication  
        COMM 4191 Cultural Studies and Popular Culture  
        COMM 5110 Topical Studies in Communication I  
        COMM 5111 Topical Studies in Communication II  
        COMM 5775 Understanding Culture through Film  
        COMM 5944 Media Economics and ICTs  
        COMM 6210 Communication Patterns in Chinese Society  
        COMM 6420 Strategies for Integrated Communication Campaigns  
      (v) Internship Experience   
        COMM 3200 Communication Professional Internship   
          Total: 72 units
    Explanatory Notes:  

    (1) COMM courses at 2000 and above level will be included in the calculation of Major GPA for honours classification.
    (2) Students are responsible for the extra costs incurred in relation to the resident study in the University of Sussex.