School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK - Student Exchange Programmes - WU

Student Exchange Programmes - WU

The School of Journalism and Communication offers a student exchange programme with School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University (WU), Japan, in the academic year of 2019-2020.

Under the Programme, the School will select at most 2 undergraduate students to WU for exchange of one academic year or one semester. WU will send the equivalent number of students to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong per year.


The Programme's purpose is multifold:

  • To provide students the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious University in Japan.
  • To allow students to gain a firsthand understanding and experience of Japanese people, language, culture, society and university life.
  • Credits can be transferred for courses comparable to similar courses offered by the School.


 Period of Study (One semester is preferred)

  1. One year from September 2019 to late July 2020
  2. Spring semester from early April 2020 to late July 2020



  • The School's major undergraduate students may apply.
  • Year 2 (or above) students should have a GPA of 3.00 or above. Year 1 students will be assessed by their public examination results.
  • Applicants should be proficient in English.


Estimated Cost

Fees paid to CUHK

  • CUHK tuition
  • CUHK and College Student Union fees

Other expenses

  • Apartment                                                                                                             ~¥550,000/semester
  • National Health Insurance                                                                                   ~¥2,000/month
  • Local transport, meals and other living expenses                                                ~¥30,000/month    
  • Airfare (economy, round trip)                                                                               ~¥$3,500


University and college subsidies

Applicants are strongly advised to apply scholarships or travel grants through Office of Academic Links or affiliated colleges to cover part of their expenses.



  1. WU will assist students in arranging local accommodation and giving advice on course matters. Upon completion of the exchange, students may apply to transfer the credits they earned to CUHK. Details can be found at RES website.
  2. For undergraduate students, Prof. Clement So will be happy to provide advice and consultation on the exchange programme.
  3. For the updated programme information of School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University, please visit: .