School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK - COM Visiting Scholar Programme

COM Visiting Scholar Programme

The Chinese University Communication Visiting Scholar Programme 2023

"The Resilience, Recovery and Reconnection of Media and Society"



2023 The Resilience, Recovery and Reconnection of Media and Society
2022 Communicating/Miscommunicating the COVID-19 Pandemic on Digital Media
2021 Digital Media as Data and Methods
2020 Gender and Media
2019 Social Media and the Boundary between Public and Private
2018 Mobile People, Mobile Communication: Media and Social Life on the Move
2017 The Impact of Digital Technologies on Journalism
2016 Communication Technologies and New Media Events
2015 Communication Education in Digital Era: Problems and Challenges
2014 Media Ethics in the Digital Age
2013 Public Engagement: Communicating Health in Chinese Societies
2012 Media 2.0 X Society 21: Journalism and Audience Redefined
2011 TV Drama in Changing Chinese Societies
2010 Crisis Communication in Risk Society
2009 New Media Events Workshop: Networking, civil society and power Relationships in today's media
2008 Workshop on Transborder Chinese Movies