School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK - COM Visiting Scholar Programme

COM Visiting Scholar Programme

The Chinese University Communication Visiting Scholar Programme 2022

"Communicating/Miscommunicating the COVID-19 Pandemic on Digital Media"



2022 Communicating/Miscommunicating the COVID-19 Pandemic on Digital Media
2021 Digital Media as Data and Methods
2020 Gender and Media
2019 Social Media and the Boundary between Public and Private
2018 Mobile People, Mobile Communication: Media and Social Life on the Move
2017 The Impact of Digital Technologies on Journalism
2016 Communication Technologies and New Media Events
2015 Communication Education in Digital Era: Problems and Challenges
2014 Media Ethics in the Digital Age
2013 Public Engagement: Communicating Health in Chinese Societies
2012 Media 2.0 X Society 21: Journalism and Audience Redefined
2011 TV Drama in Changing Chinese Societies
2010 Crisis Communication in Risk Society
2009 New Media Events Workshop: Networking, civil society and power Relationships in today's media
2008 Workshop on Transborder Chinese Movies