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icon research Main Research Interests:

  • Popular Culture and Cultural Studies focusing on issues such as cultural politics, gender, youth identities and online communities
  • Global Media and Communication with a particular focus on Chinese and Asian media
  • Cultural Policy and Creative Industries (Games, Comics/animation, TV Dramas and Films) with emphasis on Asian models and comparative analysis

icon research Research Interests:

  • Political Economy of Media, Culture and Communication
  • Hong Kong Cultural Identity
  • Popular Culture and Cultural Studies
  • Identity Studies on Youth and Gender
  • New Media and Public Sphere

icon research Current Research:

  • Youth Culture and the Consumption of Popular Culture in Hong Kong and China
  • The Study of Globalization of TV format
  • Transnational Media Corporations in China and Asia
  • New Media and Online Communities

icon researchTeaching Interests:

  • Communication Theories
  • Research Methodologies and Data Analysis in Communicaton
  • Political Economy of Communication
  • Popular Culture and Cultural Studies
  • Creative Media

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icon researchPublication List:

Academic Books

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Anthony Fung and Si Shum (2012) Melodic Memories: The Historical Development of Music Industry in Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Subculture Press (in Chinese). 馮應謙、沈思 (2012) 《悠揚.憶記:香港音樂工業發展史》香港:次文化。 logo-pdf

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Anthony Fung (2004) Hong Kong Popular Music Culture: A Cultural Studies Reader. Hong Kong: Wheatear (in Chinese). 馮應謙 (2004) 《香港流行音樂文化——文化研究讀本》香港:麥穗出版。logo-pdf

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Journal Papers

Anthony Fung, Boris Pun, Yoshitaka Mori (2019) Reading Border-crossing Japanese Comics/anime in China: Cultural Consumption, Fandom and Imagination. Global Media and China 4(5): 125-137.

Anthony Fung (2019). Fandomization of online video or television in China. Media, Culture & Society. Online first, pdf

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馮應謙 (2016) 亞洲流行音樂的研究路徑 ˴ 理論和方法。《全球傳媒學刊》 第3卷 第2期: 84-92. signin

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