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witteborn saskia


University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany

University of Washington, Seattle, USA (2005)

Honors and Awards

Exemplary Teaching Award
Faculty of Social Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2009)

Outstanding Dissertation Award
National Communication Association
International and Intercultural Communication Division (2006)


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icon research Research Interests:

  • Digital Migration
  • Forced Migration and Digital Technologies
  • Affect and Digital Practice
  • Culture and Communication
  • Ethnography of Communication

icon research Competitive Research Grants:

Direct Grant (2014/2015), CUHK: Forced migrants and ICT in Hong Kong (HKD 46,500)

GRF (General Research Fund Hong Kong, 2010/2012) Space and Place-Making: The Role of Media and Information and Communication Technologies in Forced Migrants' Lives

GRF (General Research Fund Hong Kong, 2008/2010) Mobilizing diasporic identities: The case of Uyghurs in the United States and in Germany (Project ID: CUHK 2120316)

Direct Grant 2008/2010, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Mobilizing refugee identities: The case of Uyghurs in Germany (Project ID: 2020931)

Direct Grant 2006/2007, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Muslim communities in China: The discourse on terrorism and the construction of Muslim collective identity (Project ID: 2020851)

Thematic Grant 2006, Collaboration with Political Science faculty, CUHK, Ways of communicating key messages: An analysis of face-to-face communication and media strategies used by transnational NGO's operating in Xinjiang/China (Project ID: 2020883)

Lee Hysan Foundation Research Grant 2005/2006, United College, CUHK Muslim communities in Hong Kong: The communicative construction of local and global Muslim identity

icon research Current Research:

I focus on transnational migration and digital technologies and practices. While my previous research has looked at face-to-face communication and cultural, religious, and political grouping processes of migrants, my current research attempts to understand the role of digital connectivities in the lives of asylum seekers and refugees. Conceptually, I have written on the digital and place-making, digital heterotopia, ways of becoming in relation to forced migration, and affect and digital practice. Like my previous research, my current project on forced migration is supported by a GRF grant from Hong Kong. I am founding member of a new center on migration and mobilities at CUHK and hope to create with my colleagues productive collaborative projects on migration (in Asia) in the future.

icon researchTeaching Interests:

  • Culture and Communication
  • Globalization and Communication
  • Transnational Migration and Communication
  • (Critical) Communication Theory
  • Qualitative Methodology
  • Language and Social Interaction
  • Communication as Social Construction

icon aboutAdvice to students:

Question objectivity, inquire how knowledge is created. Then you will understand the nature of the struggle about communicative resources and who has the power to speak and write and why.


icon researchPublication List:

Refereed Journal Publications

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