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Fudan University, China


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icon research Research Interests:

  • Digital Communication and Behavior
  • Multi-national Corporation Communication Strategy
  • Communication and Stakeholder (Consumer) Behavior
  • Brand Management and Communication Strategy
  • Decision-making and Emotion

icon researchTeaching Interests:

  • Digital Public Relations
  • Corporate Communication Theories
  • Corporate Communication Case Study and Analysis
  • Strategic PR Campaign Planning
  • Crisis Management & Communication
  • Brand Management and PR

icon researchAdvice to students: 

  • Choose what you love. Love what you choose.


icon researchProfessinoal Experience: 

  • General Manager of Communication, Chanel Taiwan (2005-2012)
  • Section Head of External Relations, SKII/MaxFactor Greater China, P&G (2001-2004)
  • Director of Marketing & Communication, Chrysler Taiwan (1999-2001)

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icon researchPublication List:

Journal Articles:

Ip, C. Y., Wu, S. C., Liu, H. C., & Liang, C. (2018). Social entrepreneurial intentions of students from Hong Kong. Journal of Entrepreneurship, 27(1), 47-64.

Ip, C. Y., Liang, C., Wu, S. C., Law, K. M. Y., & Liu, H. C. (2018). Enhancing social entrepreneurial intentions through entrepreneurial creativity: A comparative study between Taiwan and Hong Kong. CREATIVITY RESEARCH JOURNAL, 30(2), 132-142.

Ip, C. Y., Wu, S. C., Liu, H. C., & Liang, C. (2017). Revisiting the antecedents of social entrepreneurial intentions in Hong Kong. International Journal of Educational Psychology, 6(3), 301-323.

Shih-Chia Wu (2008). The comparison between Communications & Public Relations studies – High Education as the example. 新聞大學, 2008 (02): 106-112. 
吳世家 (2008)。〈傳播學與公共關係學之比較 – 以中美高等教育為例〉。《新聞大學》,第2期,頁 106-112。

Chapters in Edited Books:

吳世家 (2013).〈傳播學與公共關係學之比較 – 以中美高等教育為例〉.《傳播學與中國社會: 張國良教授還歷紀念論文集》收錄於傳播學與中國社會編委會編. 頁621-631.

吳世家 (2006).〈中美公共關係高教育比較研究〉.《中國公共關係發展報告藍皮書》 (China’s Public Relations Blue Book, 2005-2006) 收錄於孟建編. 頁211-232.

Conference Papers and Presentation:

Wu, S. C., & Hilburg, A. (2018, July). The Intersection of Litigation, Reputation & Brand Trust: The High Cost of Low Trust. Presentation conducted at 2018 BledCom, 25th International Public Relations Research Symposium, Bled, Slovenia.

Ip, C. Y., Liang, C., Wu, S. C., & Liu, H. C. (2017). Outlines of the social entrepreneurial intentions of university students in Hong Kong. Presentation conducted at 2017 International Conference of Taiwan Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Wu, Shih-Chia (2017). Communicating with China Millennials. Paper presented in IABC APAC Fusion Conference, August 2017, Singapore.

Ching Yin Ip, Shih-Chia Wu, Huei-Ching Liu, and Chaoyun Liang (2017). Alternative Antecedents of Social Entrepreneurial intentions: An investigation of College students from Hong Kong. Paper presented in International Conference on Business and Information 2017-Summer, July 2017, Hiroshima, Japan.

Huang, Weijun and Wu, Shih-Chia. VR技術引導新聞產業變革的探討 (2017). Paper presented in Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities (RIDCH) Conferences 2017, June 2017, Hong Kong.

Wu, Shih-Chia and students (2017). Communicating with China Millennials. Paper presented in IABC Hong Kong Conference on China, April 2017, Hong Kong.

Wu, Shih-Chia, Chen, Joseph, and Du, Wenjing (2017). PayEasy “My paddy field adoption movement: a CSR practice in Taiwan”. Paper presented in the 7th Annual International Research Exchange & Faculty Development Conference, April 2017, Hong Kong.

Media Reports:

Human Resources Hong Kong (March 2019), Instant messaging blurs the line between work and personal life 社交媒體模糊工作與生活界線 (Sept 15, 2017) ,「千禧世代媒體使用與傳播行為大調查」 

Telum Media (Aug 15, 2017), “Cracking the Chinese millennial code: how to communicate with millennials?” (P. 4-5)


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