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Fudan University, China


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icon research Research Interests:

  • Digital Communication and Behavior
  • Multi-national Corporation Communication Strategy
  • Communication and Stakeholder (Consumer) Behavior
  • Brand Management and Communication Strategy
  • Decision-making and Emotion

icon researchTeaching Interests:

  • Digital Public Relations
  • Corporate Communication Theories
  • Corporate Communication Case Study and Analysis
  • Strategic PR Campaign Planning
  • Crisis Management & Communication
  • Brand Management and PR

icon researchAdvice to students: 

  • Choose what you love. Love what you choose.


icon researchProfessinoal Experience: 

  • General Manager of Communication, Chanel Taiwan (2005-2012)
  • Section Head of External Relations, SKII/MaxFactor Greater China, P&G (2001-2004)
  • Director of Marketing & Communication, Chrysler Taiwan (1999-2001)

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icon researchPublication List:

Journal Articles:

Ip, C. Y., Wu, S.C., Liu, H.C., & Liang, C. (2017). Social entrepreneurial intentions of students from Hong Kong. Journal of Entrepreneurship. (upcoming)

Shih-Chia Wu (2008). The comparison between Communications & Public Relations studies – High Education as the example. 新聞大學, 2008 (02): 106-112. 
吳世家 (2008)。〈傳播學與公共關係學之比較 – 以中美高等教育為例〉。《新聞大學》,第2期,頁 106-112。

Chapters in Edited Books:

吳世家 (2013).〈傳播學與公共關係學之比較 – 以中美高等教育為例〉.《傳播學與中國社會: 張國良教授還歷紀念論文集》收錄於傳播學與中國社會編委會編. 頁621-631.

吳世家 (2006).〈中美公共關係高教育比較研究〉.《中國公共關係發展報告藍皮書》 (China’s Public Relations Blue Book, 2005-2006) 收錄於孟建編. 頁211-232.

Conference Papers and Presentation:

Wu, Shih-Chia (2017). Communicating with China Millennials. Paper presented in IABC APAC Fusion Conference, August 2017, Singapore.

Ching Yin Ip, Shih-Chia Wu, Huei-Ching Liu, and Chaoyun Liang (2017). Alternative Antecedents of Social Entrepreneurial intentions: An investigation of College students from Hong Kong. Paper presented in International Conference on Business and Information 2017-Summer, July 2017, Hiroshima, Japan.

Huang, Weijun and Wu, Shih-Chia. VR技術引導新聞產業變革的探討 (2017). Paper presented in Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities (RIDCH) Conferences 2017, June 2017, Hong Kong.

Wu, Shih-Chia and students (2017). Communicating with China Millennials. Paper presented in IABC Hong Kong Conference on China, April 2017, Hong Kong.

Wu, Shih-Chia, Chen, Joseph, and Du, Wenjing (2017). PayEasy “My paddy field adoption movement: a CSR practice in Taiwan”. Paper presented in the 7th Annual International Research Exchange & Faculty Development Conference, April 2017, Hong Kong.

Media Report: (Sept 15, 2017) ,「千禧世代媒體使用與傳播行為大調查」 

Telum Media (Aug 15, 2017), “Cracking the Chinese millennial code: how to communicate with millennials?” (P. 4-5)


Shih-Chia Wu (2016). The challenges and transformation of global luxury industry, Market Column, Ppaper Business Magazine.

Shih-Chia Wu (2016). The critical moment of fashion marketing, Market Column, Ppaper Business Magazine.

Shih-Chia Wu (2016). Experience is in power. Fashionable living and traveling, Market Column, Ppaper Business Magazine.

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