Professor Joseph M. Chan Elected ICA Fellow

Professor Joseph M. Chan Elected ICA Fellow


With much excitement, the School and C-Centre are honored to announce that Prof. Joseph Man Chan was recently elected ICA Fellow by the most prestigious group of leading scholars at International Communication Association (ICA). Receiving his ICA Fellow ribbon on May 24 at the 2014 ICA Annual Conference in Seattle, Prof. Chan becomes the first Chinese communication scholar to receive this preeminent recognition for his outstanding academic contributions. More than a personal achievement, this is a milestone event that all Chinese communication scholars should celebrate.

In their nomination letter, Prof. Cynthia Stohl (ICA former president) and Prof. Jack Qiu wrote: Prof. Joseph Chan clearly deserves the eminent international recognition of an ICA Fellow because he is “an exemplary researcher, teacher, and pillar of intellectual community”. The nomination package also includes letters of support from Prof. Patrice Buzzanell, Prof. Akiba Cohen, Prof. David Weaver, and Prof. Zhongdang Pan.

At this year's ICA Annual Conference, Prof. Chin-Chuan Lee, a former colleague who worked in CUHK for many years, received the Aubrey Fisher Mentorship Award for his outstanding mentorship. On Saturday May 24, a joint reception -- "C-Celebration" -- hosted by CUHK and CityU of HK took place in the Issaquah room of the Sheraton Seattle hotel. About 100 scholars and students from around the world joined the celebration including the ICA President, two ICA Former Presidents, and such distinguished communication scholars as Prof. Elihu Katz, Prof. Monroe Price, and Prof. Sandra Braman. After attending the celebration, Prof. Zhi'an Zhang refers to the event in his Weibo post as "the glory of Chinese communication research".


ICA Fellow Plaque


Congratulatory card for Prof. Joseph Chan


Prof. Joseph Chan speaking at the ICA Joint reception


ICA former president Prof. Cynthia Stohl speaking at the ICA Joint reception


ICA president Prof. François Heinderyckx speaking at the ICA Joint reception


Prof. Joseph Chan receiving the ICA Fellow blue ribbon from ICA Fellows Chairman Prof. Joseph Turow


ICA former president Prof. Akiba Cohen speaking at the ICA Joint reception


Prof. Chin-Chuan Lee and Prof. Joseph Chan receiving their plaques at the ICA award ceremony, with them were Prof. Jack Qiu and Prof. Baohua Zhou


Prof. Chin-Chuan Lee, Prof. Yuezhi Zhao and Prof. Joseph Chan


Prof. Klaus Krippendorff and Prof. Joseph Chan at the ICA Fellows Breakfast


Prof. Monroe Price speaking at the ICA Joint reception


CCA president Prof. Yu-li Liu speaking at the ICA Joint reception


Prof. Joseph Chan receicing the ICA Fellow plaque from ICA president Prof. François Heinderyckx


Prof. Jack Qiu speaking at the ICA Joint reception


Prof. Louisa Ha, Prof. Jack Qiu, Prof. Joseph Chan, Prof. Carolyn Lin, and Dr. Grace Leung


Prof. Joseph Chan with doctoral students


Prof. Donna Chu and Prof. Joseph Chan


Prof. Joseph Chan, Prof. Elihu Katz and Prof. Katz’s wife


Prof. David Weaver and his wife waving to Prof. Joseph Chan

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