Professor Ran Wei Inducted as an ICA Fellow

Professor Ran Wei Inducted as an ICA Fellow


Prof. Ran Wei was inducted as a Fellow of the International Communication Association (ICA) at the 2022 ICA Conference in Paris. Fellow status in ICA is primarily a recognition of distinguished scholarly contribution to the broad field of communication. The primary consideration for nomination to Fellow status is a documented record of scholarly achievement.

In their nomination letter, Prof. Patrice M. Buzzanell and Prof. Joseph B. Walther wrote: Prof. Wei’s unique positioning and superb record are evident through his influence in media psychology, in championing challenges to Western theories, and sophisticated analyses of communication theories and theorists while also providing an astounding level of service to our discipline, most notably ICA but also the Chinese Communication Association (CCA), NCA, AEJMC, and the American Academy of Advertising. As such, he is truly an international scholar.

The nomination package also includes letters of support from Prof. Peng Hwa Ang of Nanyang Technological University, Prof. Jack Linchuan Qiu of National University of Singapore, Prof. Homero Gil de Zúñiga of Pennsylvania State University, and Prof. James E. Katz of Boston University.

Congratulations to Prof. Wei!


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