Date Title
04/2023 Students of M.Sc. in New Media Programme Won CUHK Data Hack 2023
03/2023 Professor Kecheng Fang Awarded the Faculty of Social Science Exemplary Teaching Award 2022
03/2023 Undergraduate Students Won 2022 HK4As Students’ Award
01/2023 SPRG Future Communicators Foundation Scholarship 2022-23
12/2022 Varsity and U-Beat Students Won 12 Prizes in 2022 Campus News Award
11/2022 Dominica Siu Documentary Scholarship 2022-2023
11/2022 U-Beat Students Won The 22nd Consumer Rights Reporting Awards
10/2022 Professor Lik Sam Chan Elected as the Co-Chair of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Studies Interest Group of the International Communication Association
09/2022 Dr. Anfan Chen Received the Top Four Faculty Papers Award, Human Communication and Technology Division, NCA 2022
08/2022 Zengzik Scholarship for Social Justice Journalism 2021-22
08/2022 Our PhD Student Won Top Student Paper Award
07/2022 Distinguished Alumnus Received International Award in Germany
07/2022 Kao Ling-mei Memorial Scholarships in Photojournalism 2021-22
07/2022 Undergraduate Students’ Excellent Works in COMM2140 were Published
06/2022 Varsity students joined Bloomberg Global Business and Financial Journalism Mentoring Program
06/2022 Lecturer Eric Tsang Won 2nd Prize in the “Focus on the Frontline” 2021 Photo Competition
05/2022 Our student of M.Sc. in New Media Programme Won Top Student Paper Award
05/2022 Our Research Postgraduate Students Won Top Student Paper Award
05/2022 Dr. Miao Lu Received the Best Dissertation Award (Runner-up), Global Communication and Social Change Division, ICA 2022
05/2022 Professor Chan Lik Sam and Ph.D. Student Wu Biying Received the Top Faculty Paper Award, LGBTQ Interest Group, AEJMC 2022
05/2022 Professor Jinping Wang Received the Top Paper Award, Human-Machine Communication Division, ICA 2022
05/2022 Professor Ran Wei Inducted as an ICA Fellow
03/2022 Distinguished Alumni Won Big Prizes in Eye Catcher International Pitching Forum 2022
01/2022 Communication and Society was Awarded the Tier 1 TSSCI Journal
12/2021 Undergraduate Students Won 2021 HK4As Students’ Award