Study Tour to United Kingdom 2016

Study Tour to United Kingdom 2016


This summer, the School of Journalism and Communication organized a sixteen-day study tour to the United Kingdom. Led by Prof. Anthony Fung and Prof. Mike Wong, a total of 24 undergraduate students had the opportunity to learn more about the media field, to expose to a different culture, and also to enjoy a great time in the UK.

During the trip, students visited various media companies, including the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization, BBC Broadcasting House, and one of the largest newspaper companies in the world, The Telegraph. By visiting these two media companies with long history, students not only get to know how it is like to work in a traditional media firm, but also learnt more about how these companies face the challenges of traditional media nowadays.

Apart from media companies, students had visited a lot of public relations firms and advertising agencies. For example, they visited Weber Shandwick, a well-known award winning global public relations and communications agency, and Jack Morton, a company providing creative promotion event planning services. By visiting these companies, students learnt about the new trend in advertising and public relations, how to use social media as a new promotion platform, and using advanced technology to create an attractive event.

Besides, students had also visited other organizations during the trip, such as Google UK, University of Oxford, Cardiff University and so on. By talking to the local scholars and students, our students were inspired about the future development of the media world. A tour to attractions such as the London Eye and Parliament House had also widened the students’ horizon as well as helped them gain a deeper understanding of British culture.

The tour had provided a chance for students to communicate with the local people and enhance their thinking about different cultures and the future media industry. They all had an enjoyable tour and wish to revisit the UK in the future.


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