Exhibition of Students’ Photo Albums

Exhibition of Students’ Photo Albums


Students taking COMM2926 Creative Design and Layout worked on a project entitled “Ideas, Design & Life” in fall 2016. The first phase was a research using Hong Kong as background. Students documented their observations and reflections with photographs and texts while walking through every nook and cranny in Hong Kong. The second phase was to publish their works which included stories, interviews and photos. Students’ works were printed in October 2016 to depict all the objects that would soon be forgotten in the city. At last, students gathered their works and prepared for this exhibition, hoping to arouse visitors’ passion for life, from observing to cherishing.

Designers are students from different major disciplines who brought to the exhibition a variety of vision and thinking. Memory can protect the culture of the city. Thus, they hope to show that being busy does not rationalize forgetfulness. It is undoubtedly true that it takes a lot of effort to preserve our city’s culture and essence, but being busy is not an excuse.

The exhibition period is from 23 February 2017 to 3 March 2017.





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