Exchange Welcoming and Gathering Session

Exchange Welcoming and Gathering Session


The School organised a casual gathering session on 4 September 2018 in the C-Centre to welcome incoming exchange students and our exchange returned students, and also to provide a platform for students who planned to go on exchange to have a conversation with like-minded people.

During the session, Catherine Chiang who just returned from University of Southern California talked about her eye-opening exchange experience and gave current students tips on how to adapt western campus culture and squeeze various opportunities. Catherine and the School’s staff also answered many practical questions regarding the accommodation, course selection, etc. during the Q&A session.

In addition, local students introduced our University culture and gave exchange students campus survival tips such as secret paths and recommended canteens. Students were encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and broaden horizons not only by joining exchange programmes, but also through daily to daily interaction with students from different countries and universities.





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