2019 Greater China Visiting Scholar Program

2019 Greater China Visiting Scholar Program


Date: 17 January 2019 (Thursday)
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm 
Venue: NAH312 
Language: Mandarin
Host: HUANG Yi-Hui Christine (Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

8:40 – 10:20
Section 1: Culture and Context: Journalism and Music in Mainland China

Speaker: SHAN Bo
Title: Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Wuhan University
Topical: Comparison as a method: The local practice and cross-cultural reconstruction of journalistic roles

Speaker: JIANG Xiaoli
Title: Professor, The College of Literature and Journalism, Sichuan University
Topical: The Realistic Prospect, Generating Causes and Sociocultural Significance of Mobile Listening to Digital Music

10:40 – 12:20
Section 2: Culture and Context: Movie and TV in Mainland China

Speaker: ZHU Chunyang
Title: Professor, Journalism School, Fudan University
Topical: Rethinking on the policy of improving global competitiveness of Mainland China's film industry

Speaker: YAN Mei
Title: Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Renmin University of China
Topical: TV and Video Media System

14:00 – 15:40
Section 3: Media Multitasking and Crisis Communication

Speaker: CHANG Yuhmiin
Title: Professor, Department of Advertising, The College of Communication, National Chengchi University
Topical: Media multitasking: Motives and effects

Speaker: LAI Chih-Hui
Title: Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and Technology, National Chiao Tung University
Topical: Dormant disaster organizing: Resilience of humanitarian organizational networks and the role of social media



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