Monday.COME "Urban development in the eyes of village people"

Monday.COME "Urban development in the eyes of village people"




Urban development in the eyes of village people

Land can be traded in the market, build skyscrapers and shopping malls; it can also be utilized for farming and ranching. Going home could be back to your small and condensed dwelling or returning to a village, where people are bonded through the land. Work could simply be a way to make a living. Beyond making money, we could also grow food with our own hands, decide on what to grow and how much to grow. People can live a more autonomous life. Besides extensive demolition and construction, development could also be sustainable, satisfying the needs of our society without sacrificing the natural environment of the future generations. Let’s explore urban development from another perspective in Monday.COME.

Date: January 26, 2015 (Monday)
Time: 12:30pm – 2:00pm
Venue: NAH 313 Speaker: Lee Siu-wah (Kwu Tung North resident), Becky Au (Ma Shi Po village resident) and Amber Au (FM 903 DJ, Commercial Radio Hong Kong)
Host: Donna S.C. Chu (Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Language: Cantonese (English can be used in discussion)
Lunch: HK$10 (The organizers subsidize the remainder. Lunch will be provided to the REGISTERED participants on first-come-first-served basis.)

Monday.COME is open to the staff members and students of universities and institutions. It is closed to the press.

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