Date Title
03/2014 Monday.COME "The People’s Art and Labor Movement"
02/2014 Monday.COME "Holding on to Press Freedom in a Tempest"
02/2014 Alumni Association Career Talk 2013-14
02/2014 Monday.COME "About the Execution by Dogs: How we should see North Korea?"
01/2014 2014 Greater China Visiting Scholar Program
01/2014 Public Talk by Prof. Lu Feii
01/2014 Monday.COME "Feminine Writing Movement: A conversation about sex and love"
01/2014 jcMotion Opening
01/2014 Mapping Digital Media in China" Report Launch & Public Seminar
01/2014 新聞吹吹風 “三中全會的變與不變”
01/2014 Public Talk by Prof Chen Guo Ming
12/2013 Alumni Homecoming Day 2013 – “One person One Story” Book-signing Activity
12/2013 Monday.COME "The Vintage(2013)Special Screening with Discussion Session"
12/2013 Mentorship Programme 2014 Launching Party
11/2013 Public Talk by David Hesmondhalph, a Scholar in Media and Music Industries
11/2013 Public Talk by Mr. Yuegang Lo, a Veteran Journalist in Mainland China
11/2013 The 6th Chinese University Journalism Award Seminar Series-突破障礙-論中國新聞採訪
11/2013 Monday.COME "Labour Movement and the Formation of Collective Negotiation System in China"
11/2013 The 6th Chinese University Journalism Award Seminar Series-爆破獨家新聞-偵查報導記者現身說法
11/2013 Creative Sharing Session on the Movie “Doomsday Party”
11/2013 CUHK - Thomson Reuters Foundation Financial Journalism Training Programme and Workshop
11/2013 ICA Shanghai Regional Conference 2013
11/2013 Roving Exhibition of CUJA Award-Winning Works
11/2013 Monday.COME "Survive in Hollywood"
11/2013 The 6th Chinese University Journalism Award Seminar Series-免費報紙趕絕收費報紙?