Date Title
03/2015 Monday.COME "Recording and Responding to the Umbrella Movement in Words and Images"
03/2015 Alumni Sharing Session cum BBQ Gathering
03/2015 Roasted Pig Cutting Party to Celebrate the Opening of New Offices
02/2015 Mars Media Open Day
02/2015 50th Anniversary Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Toby Miller
02/2015 Monday.COME "Between Politics and Art: Works of art in the Umbrella Movement"
02/2015 Mars Media and ICARE Workshop
02/2015 50th Anniversary International Conference on Comparative Communication Research: Reviews, Showcases, and Theoretical Advancements
02/2015 The Eighth Chinese University Communication Visiting Scholar Workshop: Communication Education in Digital Era: Problems and Challenges
02/2015 2015 Greater China Visiting Scholar Program
01/2015 大專院校文學巡迴計劃 - 「陰天,間或有陽光」朗讀會
01/2015 《樂視生態如何衝擊本港傳統電視業》 分享會
01/2015 Monday.COME "Urban development in the eyes of village people"
01/2015 Off The Record: Tweeting the #UmbrellaMovement
01/2015 Monday.COME "Reflections on the Umbrella Movement: The issues of leadership and discipline"
01/2015 50th Anniversary Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Adam C. Powell III
12/2014 Training Trip to Prague & Vienna
11/2014 Mentorship Programme 2015 Launching Party
11/2014 Monday.COME "Understanding Xi's rule from the media discourse"
11/2014 CUHK - Thomson Reuters Foundation Editorial Judgment Training Programme
11/2014 10th Anniversary of M.S.Sc. in Advertising, School of Journalism and Communication
11/2014 M.S.Sc. in Corporate Communication Graduation Party 2014
11/2014 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Dan Gillmor
11/2014 Monday.COME "My life as a frontline TV journalist"
11/2014 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Mr. Adam Greenfield