Monday.COME "The Search of His Roots in Cuba"

Monday.COME "The Search of His Roots in Cuba"



Cuba is one of the few socialist countries where Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are known from. But what is Cuba like in today's world? Can the Cuban model continue to work? What is it like to live in Cuba for the older generations of Chinese immigrants? Earlier this year, Louie Kin Sheun has gone to Cuba in search of his father's footsteps as a Chinese worker in the 1950's and he has recorded the oral history from the Chinese immigrants there.

Louie is coming to share with us what he has seen, heard and thought during his trip in Cuba. Louie graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) with a history degree in 1976. For more than seven years afterwards, he studied politics in France, focusing on black African countries. After he received his doctorate from the University of Bordeaux, he returned to Hong Kong and had taught and researched in CUHK and the City University of Hong Kong for more than ten years. He is a freelance writer and writes social and cultural commentaries for the Hong Kong Economic Journal. His books include Qiong Feng Liu (窮風流) and Ju Wo Suo Zhi (據我所知).

Topic: The Search of His Roots in Cuba
Date: 7 October 2013 (Monday)
Time: 12:30pm – 2:00pm
Venue: NAH 313
Speaker: Louie Kin Sheun
Host: Chow Po Chung (Associate Professor, Department of Government and Public Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Language: Cantonese (Putonghua and English can be used in discussion)
Lunch:HK$10 (The School and GPA Department subsidize the remainder. Lunch is provided for REGISTERED participants only.)

Notes: Monday.COME is open to the staff members and students of the School of Journalism and Communication and the Department of Government and Public Affairs at the Chinese University of Hong Kong only.It is closed to the press.


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