2013 Conversations with Communicators

2013 Conversations with Communicators


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Two highly renowned public figures, Mr. Ricky Wong, the Founder and Chairman of Hong Kong Television Network Limited and Ms. Cheung Man Yee, former Director of Broadcasting in Hong Kong, were invited to give talks at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on October 17, 2013 and November 15, 2013 respectively. Under the Conversations with Communicators Series, the two talks aim to provide students with a better understanding of the media and communication industry, and to enable them to learn the latest development and challenges from the pioneer. This year, more than three thousand students, colleagues, alumni and general public were inspired by the two guest speakers’ insights on free TV, public broadcasting, and latest journalistic issues in Hong Kong.

The recording of the talk is now available at our Youtube channel.

2013CWCI  1
Mr. Ricky Wong’s first public talk after HKTV’s application for free-to-air licence was rejected.

2013CWCI  2
Mr. Ricky Wong’s talk drew more than three thousand audience.

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Ms. Cheung Man Yee, the legend of Hong Kong broadcasting industry, came back to her alma mater for a public talk.

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Ms. Cheung Man Yee shared her thoughts on latest public issues without reservation.

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Prof. Francis Lee, Head of Division of Communication, presented a gift to Ms. Cheung Man Yee.


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