Conversation with CHAU PAKHO

Conversation with CHAU PAKHO


A public talk entitled “Conversation with CHAU PAKHO”was held on 3 November 2015 at New Asia Concourse. Mr. CHAU PAKHO (周柏豪), a famous local pop singer, was the guest speaker.

Social media has been a very powerful tool to tell your story, speak for yourself and do your own branding. Mr. Chau has been very active on social media, such as Facebook, Weibo and Instagram, and has recruited a large crowd of fans. He has been very successfully using new media to build up his own image and promote his songs and branded products. It was a great pleasure to have him to share his experience on social media with students.


Ms. Sharon Cheung (left), Part-time Lecturer of the School, was the moderator.

Mr. Chau Pakho is active on social media. His facebook page has over 300,000 followers.

Ms. Sharon Cheung presented souvenirs to the guest speaker.

Ms. Sharon Cheung took a selfie with Mr. Chau, Prof. Anthony Fung and Prof. Annisa Lee after the event.




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