Date Title
11/2015 50th Anniversary Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Ralph Schroeder (1)
11/2015 Public Lecture by Google News Lab: The Future of News in a Mobile World
11/2015 Conversation with CHAU PAKHO
11/2015 「新傳五十.張佬擺大壽」
10/2015 CUJA Talk
10/2015 50th Anniversary Birthday Party of School of Journalism and Communication
10/2015 The Movie World of Pang Ho Cheung and Luk Yee Sum
10/2015 Monday.COME "Have Fun – the banter strategy of the 100Most"
10/2015 Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions 2015
10/2015 Umbrella Photo Exhibtion by Staff, Alumni and Students of School of Journalism & Communication, CUHK
10/2015 50th Anniversary Seminar Series: Public Talk by Masashi Nishihata
10/2015 Research Talk by PhD Exchange Student
10/2015 C-Seminar by Prof. Shih Chi-yu
10/2015 Monday.COME "Images Occupy @ Big Social Events"
10/2015 Monday.COME "Initium Media in a whirlpool"
10/2015 Photo Exhibition in Memoir of Professor Timothy Yu
09/2015 50th Anniversary Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Shih Chih-yu
09/2015 Documentary Screening: Crossroads of Journalism Dreams - Between Chinese and American Journalism
09/2015 Monday.COME "Sunflower Movement and Umbrella Movement: The Causality, Interaction, and Comparison of Social Movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong"
09/2015 Establishment of Professor Timothy Yu Communication Education Fund
09/2015 Study Tour Information Session
09/2015 ‘90 Hz’ Exhibition
09/2015 School Tour for new TPG Students
09/2015 Orientation Programme for New Taught Postgraduate Students
09/2015 Conversations with Communicators 2015