Date Title
03/2016 Public Relations Week “Emerging Trends and Challenges of Public relations and Strategic Communication in the Digital Era”
03/2016 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Adam Arvidsson
03/2016 PhD Student Won the Top Student Paper Award
02/2016 Monday.COME "ISIS: Real and Imagined Islamic State"
02/2016 Alumni Sharing Session cum BBQ Gathering
02/2016 Monday.COME "Pop Music and Politics"
02/2016 Digital Practices, Urban Space and Struggles for Visibility International Workshop
02/2016 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Prof. Wang Junchao
02/2016 Monday.COME "The 2016 Presidential election of Taiwan: The past, present and future"
01/2016 The Ninth Chinese University Communication Visiting Scholar Workshop: Communication Technologies and New Media Events
01/2016 2016 Greater China Visiting Scholar Program
01/2016 Communication Seminar Series: Public Talk by Dr. Amandeep Dhir
01/2016 Monday.COME "From Journalist to Traveler"
01/2016 Reporting Trip to Taipei for Taiwan Presidential Election
12/2015 午餐無免費
12/2015 大維修黑幕系列報道 奪中大新聞獎大獎
12/2015 中大新聞獎 提升業界水平
12/2015 中大新聞獎
12/2015 「黑醫」整容系列 引起社會關注 《星島》記者奪中大新聞優異獎
12/2015 Post reporter gets award for stories on abused helper
12/2015 祖堯BB讚年輕記者有理想
12/2015 中大新聞獎 明報奪大獎
12/2015 The 7th Chinese University Journalism Award Presentation Ceremony
12/2015 香港中文大學新聞與傳播學院五十周年暨「中大新聞獎」頒獎典禮特約專輯 肩負第四權使命 讓暗角得見光
12/2015 50th Anniversary Celebration Banquet