Date Title
09/2022 Orientation Session for New Practicum Students
09/2022 李立峯:關注機構還是個人? 媒介個體化下的新聞使用
08/2022 TikTok三招「助攻」 平民發達
08/2022 中大調查:傳媒公信力續減 港台跌幅最大
08/2022 Academic Counselling Session for Newly Admitted UG Students
08/2022 UG Department O'camp
08/2022 Here’s what happened when I reactivated my Grindr profile after a two month break
08/2022 No more ‘secrets’ in Hong Kong? Facebook pages for anonymous rants, comments shut following national security law arrests
08/2022 Zengzik Scholarship for Social Justice Journalism 2021-22
08/2022 Our PhD Student Won Top Student Paper Award
07/2022 香港市民如何判斷什麼叫「假新聞」?
07/2022 Distinguished Alumnus Received International Award in Germany
07/2022 Kao Ling-mei Memorial Scholarships in Photojournalism 2021-22
07/2022 Undergraduate Students’ Excellent Works in COMM2140 were Published
06/2022 Varsity students joined Bloomberg Global Business and Financial Journalism Mentoring Program
06/2022 蘇鑰機:回首25年香港傳媒業
06/2022 香港流行文化不褪色
06/2022 The Chinese fact checkers taking on the Covid infodemic – a rumour at a time
06/2022 Lecturer Eric Tsang Won 2nd Prize in the “Focus on the Frontline” 2021 Photo Competition
06/2022 李立峯:2021年過後港人的新聞使用和信任度
06/2022 Virtual Book Launch by Pablo J. Boczkowski
06/2022 Digital News Report 2022 (Hong Kong Commentary)
06/2022 Hong Kong FCC axed human rights press awards to avoid risk of jail, chief cites concerns about independence of courts under national security law
06/2022 新聞自由重創、民主派媒體接連關停,香港人還看什麼新聞?
06/2022 2022 London Field Study for Global Communication undergraduates