Date Title
09/2021 Conversations with Communicators talk series 2021 – Adrian Warr
09/2021 Orientation Day for Taught Postgraduate Programmes
09/2021 U-Beat Students Won The 21st Consumer Rights Reporting Award
08/2021 How China's Ultra-Loyal Web Army Silences Beijing's Critics
08/2021 UG Departmental O'camp
08/2021 林鄭:港台要增播內地節目 與央媒結伙伴
08/2021 Our PhD Student Won Top Student Paper Award
08/2021 Our Research Postgraduate Students Won Top Student Paper Award
08/2021 Our MPhil Student Won Top Student Paper Award
08/2021 Our PhD Students Won Top Student Paper Award
07/2021 Day Camp for Secondary School Students
07/2021 登記媒體3年增48 內媒翻倍
07/2021 Kao Ling-mei Memorial Scholarships in Photojournalism 2020-21
07/2021 Hong Kong gets serious on cyber harassment, but are tech giants right that proposed anti-doxxing law is too wide, too tough?
07/2021 Zengzik Scholarship for Social Justice Journalism 2020-21
07/2021 Alumni Movie Screening: Drifting
06/2021 Hong Kong's pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily closes with 'painful farewell'
06/2021 2021 Reuters Institute Digital News Report
06/2021 Professor Sora Kim Received the Top Paper Award, Public Relations Division, AEJMC 2021
06/2021 梁麗娟稱蘋果停運對新聞業界造成很大文化震盪
06/2021 香港《蘋果日報》停刊:這意味著什麼?
06/2021 Final edition of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily could come on Saturday
06/2021 自2019年76報道涉制裁中港 40社評專欄論制裁 集中國安法前
06/2021 Hong Kong national security law: Apple Daily arrests could encourage self-censorship, experts warn, but legal scholars insist reporters have little to fear
06/2021 Hong Kong police raid Apple Daily newspaper under national security law, arrest staff