Wang Tai Peng

History has come to life in journalism worldwide as never before. Not only it is found in various news media, but emerges as a new genre of historical news clearly distinguishable from other kinds of current news. This genre of historical news includes global media’s reflections on the past century, on religious history of Abraham, Moses or Jesus Christ or even Koran at some appropriate times each year, on war history such as the World War II, the Korea War, and the Vietnam War. It also includes historical reinterpretations or sensational archaeological discoveries

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
School of Journalism and Communication


History as Journalism

Mr. Wang Tai Peng
Journalist and Historian

11:00 – 12:30 pm
Friday, 8 September 2006
NAH 208 Humanities Building
New Asia College

(Seminar in English)

All are welcome!

Mr. Wang Tai Peng, currently a columnist of the “Asia- Inc” bimonthly, is a MA graduate in History from the Australian National University. As a journalist specializing in business news since 1980s, he was working wither as a staff correspondent or editor for Singapore’s Lian He Zao Bao, Hong Kong’s Sing Tao Daily and Yazhou Zhoukan (Asia Weekly). In 1987, he covered the historic 13 th Chinese Communist Party Congress. Before and after1997, he has a number of exclusive interviews with Hong Kong’s top business leaders and tycoons. Over the past few y ears, he published his findings of Zheng He envoys’ visits to Florence of Italy, Cairo of Egypt and Australia in Singapore’s 《 Journal of Asian Culture 》