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Director’s Message

Established in 1965, the School of Journalism and Communication has the longest history of communication education and research in Hong Kong.

The long history of the School parallels the development and growth of Hong Kong as an international and cosmopolitan city. Through the decades our graduates have entered the workforce in Hong Kong and beyond, and have become influential leaders and decision makers in the media, communication and cultural industries.

We are not only professionals who possess practical and analytical skills; we are also people who serve with our hearts. We endeavor to instill a strong sense of social consciousness among our graduates and to make our society a better place.

Our professors are productive and committed researchers, devoted to the production of knowledge from a comparative perspective and taking full advantage of being at the meeting point of western and eastern scholarship. We train our research students to be competent scholars with theoretical sophistication and methodological innovation.

Our School is a family of committed teachers and researchers, staff, students and more than 8,000 alumni. Do visit our website and know more about our family!