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Media CoverageFeb 29 2024

Judge Dee is a young fighter in the exuberant Chinese series

//Communications scientist Jian Lin from the Chinese University of Hong Kong sees that Youku Judge has selected Dee's Mystery to put the company on the international map. The series makers hope tha...

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Media CoverageJan 23 2024



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Media CoverageJan 1 2024

Protecting the individual from the AI

//…While it is true that AI systems can be technology blackboxes and difficult to understand or control, that cannot be the reason why we give up on aligning it with fundamental values and principl...

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Media CoverageDec 28 2023


//今年年初路透新聞研究所的數碼新聞調查研究及報告,包括了一些關於人們如何接收及理解財經新聞的問題...... 整體上,香港市民對財經新聞的理解程度的自我評價,在全球比較下不算差,但仍有三成左右的市民覺...

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Media CoverageDec 15 2023

方可成:名校校長下台 校園言論自由何去何從

//賓夕法尼亞大學(University of Pennsylvania)校長Elizabeth Magill和校董會主席Scott Bok雙雙辭職。與此同時,哈佛大學校長Claudine Gay和麻省理工學院(MIT)校長Sally Kornbluth也都面臨着巨大壓力,許多校...

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Media CoverageNov 2 2023


//微博、抖音、快手等內地社交媒體平台又出新規:50萬粉絲以上的自媒體帳號要實行「前台實名制」,也即是將帳號註冊人的真實姓名和職業類型公開展示在資料中,任何人均可查看。 不少人對前台實名制的第一反應...

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Media CoverageOct 24 2023

China’s biggest gay dating app wants to beat Grindr

//Facing censorship and competition at home, Blued has plans to build the world’s largest gay social platform. But users and researchers have questioned the app’s prospects under its new ownersh...

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Media CoverageOct 6 2023

No, data isn’t the new oil – Data Protection Bill needs to realise that

//The excessive focus on the economic value and use of data reinforces the idea that data is a commodity. It doesn’t question the need for certain kinds of data or the mandate to resist dataficatio...

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Media CoverageOct 5 2023



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Media CoverageOct 3 2023

Grounds for true love: Matchmakers use latte art to stir romance in young Hongkongers

//From coffee brewing to oil painting to ukulele, interest classes with a matchmaking twist are helping young Hongkongers find love in the fast-paced city. Compared to traditional speed-dating e...

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